Sunday, 14 March 2010

Uniqlo x Alice in Wonderland

Uniqlo Singapore has the Alice in Wonderland collection in stock! The Ion Orchard store has the leggings, tops, camisoles, rompers and bags. Check out the gorgeously designed website here!

The two camisoles are available in both black and grey. Each costs S$29.90.

There were several of these rompers for S$29.90 each.

The graphic long t-shirts are also S$29.90.

The bags are S$49.90 each.

Leggings are S$24.90.

There isn't an Alice in Wonderland section in the Ion Orchard store. Instead, the various items are displayed in different parts of the store, like the leggings are on a wall near the cashier, the graphic long t-shirts are near the middle of the store, and the camisoles and rompers are in the innermost homewear section.


rene said...

love the rompers!

karen said...

looks good! did u get anything?

. : * justine * : . said...

I love the long graphic tees! Did you pick anything up? It's interesting to see how each brand is interpreting the AiW collaborations, but this is one of my favourites so far! If only Uniqlo existed in Canada XD'

Haru said...

hi karen,
yup, I got a pair of the leggings and the two camis.

Hey justine,
I was quite surprised to learn of the Uniqlo x Alice collection too. It actually hasn't been heavily advertised over here. I got the leggings and camis, still thinking about going back for the rompers which are very cute. Swarovski also has an Alice collection out, but that's a lot more pricey!

diyanahomie said...

It's a good thing that you posted about this. I'll drop by to check them out. Which mirror(s) did you received?

Angela said...

so cute! didn't know that uniqlo has an Alice in Wonderland collection too..

the rompers look adorable!

Joey Anna said...

I bought the leggings! Yup, there is no stand, but thank god I spotted it because of the funky zip on one of the leggings. There are only two designs, but SOOOOOOOOOO many mirrors! Gosh. I want the mirrors actually. Would have bought more leggings if there were different designs. Too silly to get repeated leggings just for the mirrors.

Karelessly in Love said...

Do you happen to see the graphic tees? They're on the site but not in stores?

And also, are the leggings full or half length?

Haru said...

I didn't see the graphic tees, only the long ones that I posted. The leggings are full length but without 'feet', so they end at the ankles.

Karelessly in Love said...

Thanks a lot! So tempted by the leggings.

jmiles001|Graphic Tees said...

I was quite surprised to learn of the Uniqlo x Alice collection too. Because the design of the Graphic tees were great! and i find it somehow unique..and I appreciate the artwork they just did!