Monday, 15 March 2010

MAC Spring Forecast

Chanced across the MAC promotional booth set up in the space in front of the Tangs entrance at Vivocity (Level 1) for the Spring Forecast makeover event. The last time MAC did such a big event was for the Barbie collection in 2009, I think. The makeover promo seems to have ended yesterday (Sunday 14 March). You can read about the launch party on

I found the promo visuals for this collection to be less than impressive. Aside from the ghastly bob wigs, half of the models' faces are cast in shadows so it's difficult to see how the products actually look on their skin.

The collection is massive and broken down into four parts, Coral, Amber, Pink and Plum. The only item that caught my eye was Ripe Peach blush (S$45). Even more tempted to go back for it after seeing how lovely it looks on Everbluec!


Lilladylife said...

i have the ripe peach blush and the pink azalea blush. By far ripe peach is prettier. 45 dollars? wow thats alot!

. : * justine * : . said...

This event looks massive! I like Ripe Peach but think it's somewhat undeserving of ALL the hype surrounding it... but maybe that's because I already own it! And I love love love Vintage Grape. I felt Azalea Blossom was too pale for me, and I didn't pick up Springshine (?) as it was more of a bronzer (which I don't use). Either way, the standouts were the blush ombres for me, so if you get a chance, swatch and pick one up if you like them! :D