Friday, 12 March 2010

Jill Stuart x Sweet

The April issue of Sweet (S$19.30) with the Jill Stuart Cafe felt case has arrived at Kinokuniya! The Ngee Ann City store had large quantities of the magazine which is about one-inch thick.

Also newly arrived is this cute assortment of Suzy's Zoo stationery!


Charlene J. said...

I bought that and Steady! Steady came with an Agnes B. tote bag which looks a lot like the Cher's one! Haru, did you see the Agnes B. 2010 Spring/ Summer Collection?

And I just wanna say thanks for blogging. Have been a reader for quite a while now and I love your entries! (:

Haru said...

hi Charlene,
Thank you, it's very sweet of you to say that :-)

I didn't see the Agnes B mook, think it sold out last week and they didn't get any new stock in this week. I'm waiting for the Kino 20% sale tomorrow to buy the Sweet mag, can save another $2 :-p

Anonymous said...

hope u dont mind me asking, but what's a felt case? is it a makeup bag?? and the Sweet mag, it's a fashion magazine?

Haru said...

Sweet is a mainly a fashion magazine although they have a beauty section as well. There is a video clip of the Jill Stuart case on the Sweet website which you can watch here:

The material feels like felt/fleece, not too sure what's the correct term.