Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland

Just heard from the Paul & Joe SA at Isetan that reservations are coming in fast for the Alice in Wonderland sets. These will go on sale next Tuesday 16 March. One counter received only 80 units of each set and has already taken more than 30 reservations. With the purchase of each set, there is also a GWP of a small Alice cloth drawstring pouch plus some skincare and foundation samples. The pouch is the same as the one shown in this Iswii.net post.

The metal cases actually turned out to be larger than I expected. From the pics online, I had assumed that they would be the size of a small box of mints.

Each set includes a Lip Treatment Stick, Blotting Case with 100 sheets and a refill pack of 100 sheets. The products are all made in Japan by Albion (which also makes Anna Sui cosmetics.

There's no doubt that these are pricey at S$78 but do bear in mind that they are highly collectible and the quality is top-notch. Here's a comparison of the prices across the different countries:
Singapore S$78
USA US$48 (S$67)
UK £25 (S$52)
Japan 6300yen (S$98)

The UK price is very low in comparison to Singapore as the pound has sunk against the Singapore dollar over the past week.

Like other Paul & Joe lipstick cases, you can easily swop out the Lip Treatment Sticks from the cardboard tube and replace them with a lipstick refill.

The Oil Blotting Cases are essentially the same design as the normal Paul & Joe Oil Blotting Cases, with a cushy exterior and a mirror on the inside.

Gotta love the attention to detail when even the back cover of the Oil Blotting Cases feature such cute illustrations!

Even the oil blotting sheets are printed with different motifs :-)

You can also use the metal case as a lipstick case. Although if you want to bring the case with you on the go, I would recommend storing it inside a padded or felt case to protect the case.

If you're interested in getting these, do call the counters to place a reservation. Like the Paul & Joe Bambi collection, the Alice collection is unlikely to stay on the counters for long. Yes, the sets are expensive but they are about what one would pay for a nice pair of shoes, or suit or to get your hair dyed at an upmarket salon. For me, these are definitely worth skimping for a week on outside meals and just hitting up the good ol' office sandwich machine :-)

You can also check out Paul & Joe's official Facebook page here to see more reports of the Alice collection being launched around the world!


celest said...

ooh pretty! love your pictures!

thanks haru, for the lovely review. i'm definitely getting my hands on these... :)

littlewing said...

Thank you for the review! :D I just ordered myself a set together with a few other staples. I hadn't realised the pound was so low! :O

Sabrina said...

So cute. I loved this post. I already bought these when they came out in the US but I love your review because you showed me a new use for my tin!

Unknown said...

dint know that is a thing called lipstick refill. is it only for P&J that is refillable?!

Haru said...

P&J lipsticks are made such that the lipstick tube can be detached from the external plastic/cardboard case (both for the lipsticks from the regular line and the limited edition ones with the cardboard packaging). It's very easy to remove them, and they snap into place with just one click. So you can swop the shades around and use your preferred lipstick case. Only P&J lipsticks work like that, I don't know of other brands that make lipstick tubes that would fit into the P&J lipstick cases.

Michelle said...

I am surprised at how well it is priced in the US! I placed my order on Sunday and can't wait to receive it!

Ondine said...

great post - so many pictures! Does the lip treatment have any colour or is it clear?

Anonymous said...

malaysia will be selling this for rm188 per set =)

Unknown said...

wow! thanks!! haha but pardon my noob qn.. so does P&J just sell the lipstick refill?!

Haru said...

Nope, they don't sell the lipsticks in refill form. They make their lipsticks in this manner so that people can re-use the limited edition Collection Sparkles lipstick tubes which have cute prints.

Anonymous said...

Same question as Ondine... Does the lip treatment have any colour or is it clear?

Haru said...

hi Ondine,
The two Lip Treatments look like slightly different shades in the tube but actually they most apply clear and just add a light sheen to my lips.

Haru said...

Sorry, meant to say that they BOTH apply clear and just add a light sheen to my lips.