Monday, 15 March 2010

Sweet x Jill Stuart

Picked up the April issue of Sweet magazine (S$19.30) at Kinokuniya today. The magazine comes with the Jill Stuart Cafe zip pouch.

The pouch measures 18x24x7cm. The width is slightly longer than that of the magazine.

It only has one internal pocket. As it is not padded, it is probably not suitable for storing very fragile makeup items.

The pouch is made of polyester and feels like towel material.

There is currently only one Jill Stuart Cafe in Japan, which is in the Daimaru department store in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. You can read my earlier post about it here.

The logo design is similar to that found on the Jill Stuart cafe's official merchandise.


Lilian said...

hi haru :)
I just subscribed to your blog but I have been following your blog for many years already :)I love your blog a lot!

can I check if this jill cafe bag is made up of material that will turn dirty easily? cant quite tell from the pictures ....


Haru said...

hi Lilian,
As the bag is white, it may stain easily but I haven't used it so can't really say it it will turn dirty easily.

Anonymous said...

Was at Kino Taka today & this magazine is sold out!! Next shipment will only come 2 weeks later & no reservation for it. Have to try my luck again then!

Anonymous said...

can it fit A4? :)

Haru said...

No, it can't as it's only about just over half the size of A4.