Saturday, 13 March 2010

EOTD: Maquillage Eyes Creator PK766

Shiseido sent me their new Maquillage Eyes Creator PK766 palette from the new Spring 2010 collection to review. You can see my earlier swatches of all the five new palettes here.

The palette consists of three powder eyeshadows, a cream base (#1), a cream liner (#5) and dual-ended sponge and brush applicators. Of the eyeshadows, #2 is the "Clear Colour", #3 is the "Shadow Colour" and #4 is the "Flash Colour". The individual pans can be actually be removed and swopped with the single eyeshadows in Maquillage's lineup.

The powder eyeshadows all have a lovely soft pearl shimmer. The texture is very silky and refined without being too powdery. There are also no obvious glitter bits.

The cream base in PK766 is more shimmery compared to the cream base in the other four palettes. It spreads easily to form a smooth canvas for the powder eyeshadows.

For this look, I brushed the pearl white shade over the browbone area, then used the sponge applicator to apply the pale gold shade in the crease and the peachy shade from the upper lashline to the crease as well as along the lower lashline. Then I used the angled flat brush applicator to line the upper lashline with the dark brown cream liner and finished off with a coat of ModelCo mascara.

I liked how smoothly the eyeshadows applied and the soft shimmer which helps to brighten up the eye area. Made my eyes look much more awake! There was also no fallout on my cheeks and the eyeshadows lasted well over several hours of wear. The cream eyeliner applied very smoothly as well and I liked how the angled brush was able to draw a very fine winged line. However, the lasting power of the cream liner was not as good as the eyeshadows. There was some creasing and fading of the liner at the inner corners after about 4 hours.

Overall, I liked the combination of the shades which gives a sweet, fresh feminine look that is perfect for the spring season. The comprehensive nature of the palette means that it is very convenient for touch-ups on the go or for travel, as you do not need to bring separate brushes or primer.


Laura L said...


natural cosmetics said...

I think the colors are nice with the sheen effect on the,But for some summary countries cream base will not work out well.

makeupmag said...

Oh Iris, I LOVE your photos of this gorgeous palette. I'm glad you received this; you mentioned this was one of the nicer ones in the range, yes? :)

Haru said...

hey mag,
the palette reminds me a little of Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals palette, although the latter has more shades of course. Yup, I think this is one of the nicest out of the five!

Janice said...

looks great on your fair skin! unfortunately maquillage has a bit too much shimmer and colors are kinda too light for me.

Anonymous said...

Look really nice!! Recently, I've fall back into a neutral basic look phrase after about two years of experimenting with various colours. I thought I would like the limited edition vibrant colours but after swatching, didn't like it as much. But I'm going back to swatch and perhaps get this one now.

Joanna Peck said...

sounds like a really lovely palette! love neutrals at the moment too :)

BeautyOnTheWay said...

The eyeliner looks great!

Laura said...

Hi Haru,

I think this palatte lacks a strong shadow shade for me to use as liner (the cream liner is pretty useless to me if it doesn't stay), so I am still holding back on this collection. I do agree that the power eyeshadows carry a soft pearl shimmer to the extent of being buttery. I have bought their singles so that I stay clear of the cream bases and liner. If you think about the costs paid for each color in the palette (about SGD$15), and that the liner shade will be used a lot less due to its inability to stay, we are actually made to pay more for the single colors in one Eye Creator palette as opposed to buying the individual shades. Although some colors in the eye creator palettes cannot be found in the single shadows, I feel like in today's makeup scene another dupe can always be found and there is always another more exciting item to get. Being made to pay for a cream liner shade that you wouldn't have much use of is equal to Lunasol changing its liner shade to cream (not that they have done so, but can you imagine? total rip off.)

Why does Maquillage keep putting in the cream liner shades? It doesn't work and I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

lovely shades ... but looks like colors every other girl would already have in her collection so i guess there's really no need to buy the palette, especially since i really have issues with the gel eyeliner in this weather! -stella

Haru said...

hi Laura,
I think Maquillage puts in the cream base and liner shades because they want the palettes to be comprehensive, all-in-one palettes that you can use to create a complete eye look without needing any other extra products. That is a good concept but they need to make sure that every shade actually performs well.

Hey stella,
Yeah, I actually have two other palettes that are very similar in terms of the shade combination. One is the Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals palette abd the other is a holiday Majolica Majorca Majolook palette from a couple of years ago.

chantana said...

I like the gold color! (it's more orangey gold!)