Saturday, 6 March 2010

Liberty & Marc Jacobs Mooks

I was quite intrigued when I read that there would be a Liberty mook. The vaunted British brand appears to be undergoing a revival in recent times, with the MAC Liberty of London collection being one of the manifestations. The Liberty Print 1875-2010 Spring & Summer mook (the "1875" is not a typo!) arrived at Kinokuniya stores earlier this week. It comes with a soft cloth tote bag (23x34x10cm) designed in collaboration with a noted Japanese stylist and retails for S$31.50.

The bag features the new Emilia's flowers print.

I bought this mook not so much for the tote bag but because I was interested in reading about Liberty's brand history and what goes on behind the scenes in the designing and production of their iconic prints. The 78-page mook includes an interview with the Liberty fabric archivist, a retrospective of Liberty prints, a look at what goes on in the Liberty design studio and even a sewing guide for making t-shirts, bags, aprons with Liberty fabrics.

Inside the Liberty department store in London.

Inside the design studio

Collage of Liberty fabrics on the design studio wall.

Here's a look at the Japanese magazines and mooks that were available at the Kinokuniya store in Bugis Junction earlier this afternoon.

I didn't bother getting the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 mook because the print on the accessories this time round were not attractive to me at all.


Ahcapp said...

I love the Liberty store in London :)) thank you for sharing pics from the mook.

Haru said...

hey AhCapp,
I think I only went into Liberty once or twice, and that was only to walk around the cosmetics floor :-) I didn't know about Liberty prints back then.

Ahcapp said...

Oh yes, my fav was Harvey Nichols (for the makeup department) and Harrods (for the food). I must admit that I was an student back back then so I window-shop more often. But I must admit that I did ate pizza at the Harrods food mall when I was in year 1.

Shopping was only during post xmas sale when I went to Imperial College to visit my friend. I love the atmosphere in London! ^_^

Haru said...

hey AhCapp,
You're up early :-) Think my favourite department store was Selfridges, for the massive beauty hall. Harvey Nichols was quite out of the way 'cos I would usually just go to the Oxford Circus/Leicester Square area. Of course back then I couldn't afford anything in Selfridges but it was nice just to walk around and see what they had.

cewek said...

I love, love, love Liberty! When I'd lived in London, I loved walking around all floors and I remember trying on wedding dresses by Elie Saab and Vera Wang before leaving London and getting married in Australia. I'd felt so glamourous then!