Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dove Oil Foam Cleansing

This review is for Kas of Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle as she came across the Dove Oil Foam Cleansing at Carrefour in Plaza Singapura last weekend and asked if anyone had used it before. I actually purchased it on an earlier trip to Japan but I haven't been using it regularly as I'm still working my way through my Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls cleansing oils.

The Dove Oil Foam Cleansing is basically a light oil cleanser that dispenses as a dense foam. The instructions recommend three pumps for each use. The pic below shows the amount of foam dispensed with three pumps, as recommended in the instructions. It can be applied with wet hands on wet skin but for the most effective cleansing results, you should use it with dry hands and face. The instructions also recommend following up with the Dove Foaming Face Cleanser but the Oil Foam Cleansing rinses off quite cleanly without any oily residue.

Thanks to the dense foam, it does not feel like a cleansing oil at all, but just like a regular foaming face cleanser. It removed all of my makeup effectively except for my K-Palette mascara (which is not waterproof) of which there remained a few bits on my lashes. In that regard, it is not as effective as the Shu Uemura cleansing oil but the Shu oil costs several times more. For the price, the Dove Oil Foam Cleansing works pretty well but I would recommend using it with a separate eye makeup remover.

Dove will launch a new Deep Pure Liquid Foam Cleansing on 11 March in Japan. This is a water-based foaming cleanser.


shopaholic said...

hi, i bought it from tokyo too. i've used a bottle and find it good enough for its price and agree that it should be used after a cleansing oil (fancl, shu, biore, whatever) to remove make-up and grime.

laetitia said...

i felt it was expensive for the amount of product. i got it in tokyo as well and finished it up in 3 months, just using it once a day. it was not very effective in removing eye makeup :(

~raspy~ said...

hi! i'm using it currently and for its price, i find it a pretty decent makeup remover that cleanses off all the junk well.

i always use a makeup remover tissue after that and there are no remains of any foundation :)

and like you mentioned, it doesn't remove mascara well.

Gwen said...

Just curious, do you use a seperate eye make-up remover with the Shu Uemura cleansing oil? I don't because it seems unnecessary but I'm also quite lazy. *sheepish*

Haru said...

hi Gwen,
I used to use Paul & Joe Eye Makeup Remover before I cleanse my face with the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. But after I used up the P&J remover, I only used the Shu cleansing oil as it removes everything completely.

brumeux said...

"For the price, the Dove Oil Foam Cleansing works pretty well but I would recommend using it with a separate eye makeup remover."

I am so agree with your review above.
Personally I like it better than DHC, however Shu Oil is still the winner for me.

chantana said...

Oh... it doesn't remove mascara well! Such a bummer, lolx

purplio said...

the foam seems very luxurious to work all over e face.

Kas said...

Haruuuu! So super sweet of you to do this review for me! Thank you! I use a cleansing oil too (right now, its the Etude House Cleansing Oil) and I always remove my eye MU with a separate eye MU remover first; the oil is more like to remove all my base MU and any other eye MU remnants. I tried one of the Shu oils (the premium one for sensitive skin) and I totally didn't like it - found it sticky. The Shu BAs (when I recently grumbled about this) told me I should either get the Pink or the Purple ones (cherry blossom/White recovery). Which Shu oil is your personal fave?

Haru said...

Hey Kas,
My favourite is the pink Shu Cleansing Oil ('Fresh') but both the purple (whitening) and original (yellow) versions work well with my oily acne-prone skin too. The green and orange ones are meant for mature, dry skin types so those have a heavier texture and don't rinse off as cleanly as the pink, purple and yellow versions.

Hey Chantana,
yeah, it's a bit of a pain that you have to use a separate eye makeup remover with the Dove Oil Foam Cleansing but otherwise, the Dove is quite a decent and affordable cleanser.

Hey purplio,
the foam feels very nice actually on the skin and it retains that dense foamy texture even after you spread it out all over the face.

hey brumuex,
Shu is my staple, gets everything off! Even waterproof mascara.

evie said...

hi haru, thanks for this dove cleansing oil review ;) i've seen it at a local supsermarket.

By the way have you tried out kose addiction products before?

Haru said...

hi evie,
I haven't tried Addiction cosmetics before but has quite a few reviews of their products. Do check it out!

Anonymous said...

Hello Haru

I'm so interested in dove cleansing oil. Do u selll it and ship overseas? i'm in australia at the moment.


Haru said...

No, I don't sell anything! Why don't you try or Both ship to Australia.

Anonymous said...

oh thank you

good luck with ur blog. i keep reading it.


Anonymous said...

Hello there

Deep Pure Liquid Foam Cleansing is the same as dove cleansing oil in the sense that it removes makeup but on a different base? or it's just the foam cleanser used after makeup remover oil?


Haru said...

Deep Pure Liquid Foam Cleansing can remove makeup and leaves skin clean and refreshed.