Monday, 15 March 2010

Maquillage Lasting Perfect Rouge RD559

Maquillage recently launched Glossy Perfect Rouge and Lasting Perfect Rouge as part of their new Spring 2010 collection. Lasting Perfect Rouge is more pigmented and long-lasting compared to Glossy Perfect Rouge, which gives a more sheer shiny finish.

I received Lasting Perfect Rouge in RD559 to test out. It is a medium pink-toned red and does not apply as deep red as it looks in the tube.

The lipstick glides on with a velvety smooth and emollient feel. The colour payoff is also quite good, just a couple of swipes and my lips look done! I liked the slightly glossy finish.

Usually, most long-lasting lipsticks tend to be drying or matte but the Lasting Perfect Rouge was very comfortable to wear and made my lips feel soft and moisturised. It did not bleed into the fine lines and lasted quite well over several hours of wear, requiring only one touch-up in the middle of the day. I also liked the fact that the lipstick does not have a strong scent or taste.

The lipstick comes in a sleek pale pink metal packaging.

My buddy, Kathi of LotusPalace, has reviewed numerous Maquillage products, including several of their lipsticks. Do check out her reviews here!


. : * justine * : . said...

This is a really pretty shade! I usually prefer the tube colour to be similar to the colour on my lips, but this is a nice surprise. :)

Taryn said...

My gosh, that color is absolutely beautiful. There's no way to find out if it contains parabens though, right? I make exceptions for my eye products, but I keep them out of my lipsticks/glosses.

That shade really complements your skin tone!

engeng said...

Looks nice!! I heard that Shiseido has the best red lippies, but have never got around to try any as I'm afraid that I will give myself a shock with red..

Anonymous said...

Wow, that color is gorgeous! I've been hesitant to try out Japanese lipsticks because they didn't seem to have much pigmentation for the price, but your lip swatch has caused some serious lemming. Thank you for sharing this!

Haru said...

hey justine,
Yup, I'm liking this very much too!

hi Taryn,
I don't have the ingredients list in English so I don't know if it contains parabens or not.

Hi engeng,
Maquillage, like most other Japanese brands, has mainly pink-based lip colours and rarely any true (blue-based) bright reds.

hi tenoria,
you're welcome :-) Do check it out at the counter in person if you can as the shade range is quite large!

Magdalena said...

Mmmm~ It looks very elegant! I love Maquillage lipsticks, the finish is glossy but it`s also like "you will be guessing if I put on lipstick or not!" in many casese (natural beiges and pinks) ;)
That color is beautiful!

Angela said...

wow that colour is so pretty! it's red without being garish and looks so soft and glossy.

Charlene J. said...

Gorgeous red, Haru! But it looks a little too bright!