Saturday, 20 March 2010

Luv Carat Face Powder Highlight Pearl

If you're looking for a bling-bling highlight powder for nights out on the town, then Luv Carat Mineral Finishing Loose Powder (Highlight Powder) may be for you.

Luv Carat's signature is their crystal-encrusted packaging. The packaging itself is actually just a simple tub design with the crystals arranged in a neat, snug fashion.

I had a minor accident when I was peeling off the sticker covering the small holes in the inner lid. The lid popped up and spilled some of the powder all over my hand.

You can see how intensely shiny the face powder is. The powder feels very lightweight and finely-milled.

When patted on with the included puff, the powder shows up as a refined sparkle. This is too bling to apply on the cheeks so I would use it only on the decolletage or pat a little bit on top of my eyeshadow.

The powder is formulated with squalene and hyaluronic acid to help skin moisturised. It also claims to help control oil but if your skin is a oil factory like mine, you would probably need something with more powerful mattifying properties than this powder. Luv Carat also makes a couple of non-shimmery face powders that are designed for covering up pores and a more natural finish.

The face powder retails for S$29.90 on and S$39.90 at Sasa stores in Singapore. You can see pics of the other three Luv Carat Face Powders over at

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