Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Maquillage Glossy Perfect Rouge PK715

I received Maquillage Glossy Perfect Rouge PK715 to try out. As the name suggests, it is a high-shine lipstick that gives a glossy coat of colour.

The shade is a peachy pink with flecks of gold micro-sparkles. I liked how glossy and moisturising the lipstick felt and the fact that it gave my lips a nice healthy pop of colour with just a couple of coats, unlike some glossy lipsticks which just add shine without any colour.

In terms of lasting power, it was average and required touch-ups after eating. Also, it tends to accentuate any skin flakes so it is best to ensure that your lips are well-exfoliated and moisturised before applying this lipstick.

However, overall I still prefer the Lasting Perfect Rouge as I found that the micro-sparkles in the Glossy Perfect Rouge tended to stay on my lips after I had removed the lipstick with tissue paper. If you want a glossy sheen with a more pigmented finish and better lasting power, then I would recommend the Lasting Perfect Rouge over the Glossy Perfect Rouge.

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Anonymous said...

shiseido's lipsticks consistently outperform other brands for my dry, picky lips; great stuff! if only they weren't so expensive... -stella

chantana said...

Thanks for the link ^__^

I like the shade you have... light and not too loud~