Saturday, 6 March 2010

L'Officiel x Ed Pinaud

My copy of L'Officiel (March) finally landed in my mailbox today with the Ed Pinuad eyeshadow quad. I had ordered it online two weeks ago at L'Officiel's website for S$6.90 but it has been available at Kinokuniya since Thursday for S$5.90. The advantage of ordering it online was that you could specify the quad that you preferred whereas it can be hard to tell which quad is included in each individual issue at the bookstore because of the way the quads are packaged.

The palette is supposed to be worth S$59 and is made in France, so it's a pretty good deal given the cheap price of the magazine. Hence, it's not surprising that many ladies are buying multiple copies to score the different quads. The gold metal compact is a fingerprint magnet, but overall the compact feels quite well made. It also comes with a black velvet slip case.

I received #2 Smokey Emerald which contains a beige, taupey brown, smokey emerald and dark grey. There is also a flip out plastic lid to protect the individual eyeshadows, which I thought was nifty.

I haven't tried out the quad yet but will definitely do so soon!


Ahcapp said...

I snapped up 2 copies at Esso station Just now. hehe Just like the previous issue with free eyeshadow singles. Zero stocks at Kino but found the mag at Esso station at Bt Timah! Haha

Anonymous said...

just wanna say thanks to your prior post on this. That's why I also got my shadow in the mail today too ^^
ps: i got no4..

Haru said...

hi sheyx,
You're very much welcome! :-)

Hey AhCapp,
how many do you have now? 3? I also stalk my Esso station for magazines sometimes, especially on Sundays when I'm super bored! But they don't have a very good selection and next thing I know, I'm buying two tubs of Ben'n'Jerry's instead.

Ahcapp said...

I have yet to receive my mag in the post because they are supposed to go to hb's office.

Ok, I must confess.. I have no. 2 x 2 qty now! And I actually ordered no. 2 emerald green and no. 4 mocca latte! Goosh, so that means you are right, I have 3 qty x no. 2! *faint*

But Adele is missing no. 2 so I will pass her my copy instead. =)

My fav Ben & Jerry is Turle Soup! LOL =D How about yours?

Oh yes, I wake up early even on weekends. Because Jarell is an early riser =D

Haru said...

I love Phish Food, Cherry Garcia, Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz (they don't sell that in tubs here but you can get it in the BnJ stores), ONE Cheesecake Brownie.

I just read on Mag's blog a comment by a lady who bought 5 copies at Borders and ended up with 4 No.2 palettes!

Admire your energy with Jarell!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to receive my copies!! hope it will come in on monday!

clara said...

hi haru,

could you gimme the link to order this mag online??
i tried searching on L'Officiel website but I cant find it

thanks :)

Haru said...

hi Clara,
This is the link to subscribe or order single issues but the Ed Pinaud eyeshadow palette does not seem to be available anymore as there is no mention of it on the website or L'Officiel Singapore's Facebook page. Kinokuniya and Borders have also sold out of the magazine.

Haru said...

Forgot to paste the link!/

Unknown said...

Wat's the price if the copy is bought @ the petrol station?
$5.90 or $6.90?

Haru said...

It would be the same as the bookstore price, S$5.90.

Ting said...

Hi girls, anybody interested to swap their no.2 smoky emerald to no.5 blue black? pls email me at