Sunday, 14 March 2010

Anna Sui Mini Mook

The Anna Sui Mini Spring/Summer 2010 mook (1365yen) will be released on 30 March in Japan. It comes with a "mother's big tote" measuring 34x42x14cm (can fit B4) and matching zip pouch measuring 13x17cm. The mook is to mark the first anniversary of the Anna Sui Mini line of children's and baby's clothing.

You can see a selection of Anna Sui products on Isetan Japan's website. Really cute stuff!


makeupmag said...

That's a good size and the print is cute. Reminds me of those letter cut outs I used to do for Art in secondary school. I'm not a big purple fan but I can see myself using this! :D

Kas said...

Oooh I love purple (hah! no secret!) and this looks pretty good! I wonder if / when we'll get this here?

Haru said...

Hey Kas,
Kinokuniya will be bringing this in, at around the same time that it gets released in Japan (30 March). You can call them to see if you can pre-order it. I'm skipping this one 'cos not really interested in a mook on children's clothing, and I just have way too many bags as it is!

Hey mag,
the colour and print is cute, but to me not really die die must have.

Kas said...

Haru ... half the time, I can't read the mook anyway cos they're mostly in Japanese! hee hee!

Unknown said...

Hello Haru

Do you know where can I find Anna Sui mini clothes for children? Is it only availabe in Japan?


Haru said...

hi Adora,
I'm afraid I don't know if the Anna Sui Mini clothing line is available outside of Japan.