Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Starbucks Sakura

Stopped by the Starbucks in Narita Airport Terminal 1 to try out their sakura menu :-) We ordered the Sakura Frappucino, steam bun and macaroon.

The steam bun was light, fluffy and not too sweet.

The Sakura Frappucino tasted more like bland strawberry milk to me! It came with shavings of pink chocolate on top. Cute!

Saving this to eat later. Even the wrapper is so pretty!

Also saw all the new Japanese mags with freebies galore at the newsstand but resisted getting any of them as I don't want to lug them on my trip. Here's a brief list of the mags I saw and their respective freebies:
Spring - Agnes B. stripe tote

CanCam - Marc by Marc Jacobs heart print tote

Voce - John Masters Organics haircare samples and cloth sachet

Biteki - Ipsa two foundation samples and three primer samples

Vivi - Rich pouch


Anonymous said...

ahhh i want to have a taste of those sakura goodies. enjoy yourself! :)


. : * justine * : . said...

I resisted buying mags in Japan as they are SO HEAVY... maybe you could mail them back home? The Sakura stuff looks lovely :) There's so much detail put into the packaging! Hope you are having a lovely honeymoon :D

IchigoBunnie said...

how cute! i wish starbucks in america could do something a lil different with how they present their food.

tho i kno americans dont value "cute and pretty" as much as asia so i guess it wouldnt work. but it sure looks nice to see what they have over in narita airport :)

Ahcapp said...

Ahhhhh.... So pinky sweet! :))) Super adorable!

Have a great honeymoon Iris!!! :))

W Dvienne said...

Hi! I have a question, please help me! I used the Anna Sui eyebrow pencil in #400 for many years, I'm very used to it but it seems they have discontinued in Singapore. Is there any place in Asia, eg. Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, etc that still carries it? I'm looking for it everywhere. Thank you!!

Unknown said...

have a great honeymoon and stop working!

Haru said...

Hi dvienne,
I don't know if the shade you are looking for is still available in other countries. You can try checking the Anna Sui japan website. If it's not listed there, then it has been discontinued.