Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gelato Pique 2010 Spring/Summer Mook

The Gelato Pique 2010 Spring/Summer Collection mook (S$31) just arrived at Kinokuniya this afternoon. It comes with a toiletries case that is perfect for travel with many pockets and zip enclosures. Thanks to Kino's current 20% discount for members, I paid only S$24.80 for it.

The case is of good quality and well worth the price of the mook. I also liked the cute mix of floral and polka dotted prints. The case measures 17x21x7cm and is made of PVC. The sides are not padded so it is not suitable for storing very fragile items.

I'm not sure how many copies Kino brought as the mook had yet to be displayed on the shelves when I was there in the afternoon but you can ask for it at the Japanese books counter.

Some pics from the 82-page mook.

You can see Gelato Pique's first mook released back in September 2009 here.


Charlene J. said...

Awww... It's pretty!!! I shall get my piece tomorrow! (: Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

ooo the mook looks better than the gift! -stella

Ahcapp said...

Thank you Iris! Just reserved my copy! :))

saltvinegar said...

OMG so nice i wish i can buy!

Anonymous said...

It's out of stock at Taka Kino :(