Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tokyo Day 3

Started our third day in Tokyo with breakfast at Krispy Kreme in Shinjuku. The long queues have finally dissipated now that Krispy Kreme has been here for about three years although it is still common to see people walking around with four or five boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

We got the chocolate glazed, banana, cheesecake and chocolate with sprinkles doughnuts. I must say that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are yummier than J.Co. While J.Co has more interesting flavours, the Krispy Kreme doughnuts have a superior texture.

Next, we caught the Renoir exhibition at the National Art Gallery. If you are in Tokyo, this is well-worth catching for the comprehensive display of Renoir's masterpieces. I'm not an art connoisseur but seeing the paintings up close was still a moving experience.

Sakura shots of the day :-)

This is at the park in Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi.

We also stopped by the Cold Stone Creamery in Roppongi Hills. Like Krispy Kreme, there used to be a long queue even in the depth of winter but not anymore.

The serving size is much smaller compared to what we got in Honolulu though!


shopaholic said...

oh, how i miss krispy kreme when it left HK!

cold stone creamery is very popular in taiwan, especially the younger set. i love chocolate devotion, yum!

today, i went to parco marina bay (where dfs millenia walk used to be), it was ok... i was attracted to the 3rd floor where there are some good jap restaurants whipping up ramen & katsu :)

. : * justine * : . said...

I think I spy a Tokidoki bag!! Is that a CR Zucca? It looks pretty!

Haha I remember being in Shinjuku and wondering why people walked around with Krispy Kreme boxes until we found it and saw the lines... and went o_O There was a big fuss when they opened one in Calgary but I think it actually ended up closing down!

The sakura pictures are beautiful, as always. Glad you are having a good trip!

aichaku-愛着 said...

oh tat krispy kreme in shinjuku! there were still super long queues fr am to pm the last time i was there last yr. LOL.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your honeymoon pics Iris! I miss Tokyo!

The Misery Chick said...

Ooooh you make me wanna go back to Japan again! I've been there twice but it is NOT enough.

I remember the 1st time in 2008 when I saw a LOOOOOONG queue at the same Krispy Kreme outlet in Shinjuku, I was thinking WHAAAT?? It's like the queue at Donut Factory in Raffles City! lol.

Kas said...

*Swoon* at your Sakura shots! So pretty! and once, someone donated a glazed Krispy Kreme to me and it was so sugary, it just melted in my mouth. Happiness - good for one week! Haha!

Haru said...

hey shopaholic,
I don't really understand the attraction of Cold Stone Creamery, as the ice cream is really not that outstanding to me. I still prefer Ben & Jerry's! Will definitely check out the new Parco when I get back to Singapore.

Hey Justine,
I'm carrying the Transporto Zucca :-) It's been very convenient for use on this trip, can fit all my miscellaneous stuff with space to spare for some small shopping buys.

Hey Kas,
I thought the glazing on the Krispy Kreme doughnuts was a tad excessive but love how the doughtnuts have this slight crispiness. Just biting into them is heavenly!

Janice said...

love your photos, thanks for posting!

Katya said...

Oh! I tried ColdStone in Seoul )) It was delicious ))) I ate it at the Seoul tower. Great memories...