Monday 29 March 2010

Vacation Beauty Essentials

Whenever I am packing for a trip, it usually takes me 20 minutes to pack my clothes and then an hour or more to pack my toiletries and makeup bags. I usually try to bring only skincare and fragrance samples on trips, with the theory being that I would use them up on the trip and have space for new buys. In reality, I somehow always end up packing three times what I actually use!

Here's what I brought for my current two week trip to Hawaii and Tokyo. The product that I used the most regularly is actually not pictured here, and that's Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF50 which kept my skin burn-free without any greasiness during the week in Hawaii. At the end of the day, I would then slather on Kiehls Creme de Corps to keep my skin hydrated and soft. I don't quite like the scent of Creme de Corps but it does a fantastic job of moisturising without leaving any residue on my skin.


Vonvon said...

That's quite a lot of stuff.

I also tend to pack samples, may be over-pack at times, and most of the time, end up not finishing those samples, esp those in the sachets and just had to throw them away. ;)

visee said...

Really interesting to see your travel essentials. I usually bring travel sized bottles/tubes of my regular skincare. I try not to use any new products just in case my skin breaks out while on holiday.

And I agree abt creme de corps. It's really good. Kept my skin really moisturised and not flaky when I went to Hokkaido during winter.

feiii said...

haru!! somewhat a new reader here, really missed your posts while you were away but glad you had such a nice time!! :)

but packing toiletries for travelling is probably one of the most fun parts of packing. :D personally i have a weak spot for cute little travel-sized toiletries that i bring together with the samples, and the samples never get used at all. ._.

shopaholic said...

samples are great for traveling, they are light, easy to pack & a chance to use those new product samples too! however i prefer re-sealable sachets to avoid wastage.

Lali Amora Beauty Blog said...

I love seeing other's travel kits so I was delighted to see yours :)

When I have some extra money I'm going to make a full travel kit with everything I like but in sample size, I was inspired by your sample bag,haha :)

But what to do with those annoying perfume

milktea said...

I see you're using the gelato pique cosmetic pouch! it's so nice!