Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Paul & Joe Summer 2010

Here's a pic of the Paul & Joe Summer 2010 collection from the brand's Facebook page! The print is not really that appealing to me so I'd probably pick up just one or two items from the collection. Also do check out the Beauty Look Book for more pics and news.


Anonymous said...

hihi do u know what is good for sensitive skin and redness? is skin food good? or other japanes brand good? thanks

shopaholic said...

oasis nail lacquer is uniqu. lately there are many such colors, eg fr MAC x liberty & even chanel is launching 3 new colors including a turquoise, check here

Haru said...

I don't use much Japanese skincare except for Kenzoki and Shu Uemura (the cleansing oils for makeup removal). For sensitive skin and redness, perhaps you can try out Fancl which is made without preservatives and is recommended for sensitive skin. has reviewed several Skin Food products positively but she does not have sensitive skin or redness.

Anonymous said...

thanx for ur reply
love ur blog
congrats on ur wedding too =)