Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cath Kidston S/S 2010 Mook

Cath Kidston will release its "Hello from London" Spring/Summer 2010 mook on 19 March in Japan. It comes with a lovely multi-purpose case, mirror and tissue case. I'm definitely picking this up!

Check out the official website here.


engeng said...

It's nice, will pick it if I see it in stores. No more pre-orders for me as I have been getting too many mooks recently. LOL.
Thanks for the updates :D

jessica said...

hey iris, i am sooo tempted by the cath kidston mook too and the freebies!! may i know where can i get them?

:) thanks!

Haru said...

hi Jessica,
If you are in Singapore, you can buy the Cath Kidston mook at Kinokuniya. You can also pre-order at Kinokuniya stores. It should arrive in mid-March.

Hi engeng,
you're welcome! :-)

Anonymous said...


do you have any idea how big the bag will be?


kenji_sugizo said...

Anna Sui Mook Pictures is here already, you may want to have a look

Haru said...

The dimensions of the bag are not stated on the website yet. Will update here if I pick it up.