Thursday, 18 March 2010

Majolica Majorca Summer 2010

Majolica Majorca will release a purple-themed Summer 2010 collection on 21 April in Japan! While purple is an unusual shade to emphasise for summer, the collection looks very exciting, not least because of the two limited edition Blooming Eyes palettes which are in the style of Majolica's famous Little White Book/Little Black Book and Lady Cat/Persia Cat palettes!

The collection includes:

1. Blooming Eyes #1 Noon Dream and #2 Night Dream (1680yen): Noon Dream is sweet pink-themed while Night Dream is violet-themed

2. Lash Enamel Volume On VI606 (Purple Magic) (1260yen)

3. Perfect Automatic Liner VI606 (Flower Spell) (1250yen): Black base with purple pearl.

All items are limited edition. And to top it off, there will also be a "collaboration chewing gum" Peach Magic! I'm guessing that the chewing gum will not be allowed for sale in Singapore as only gum with medicinal benefits is allowed to be sold here.

The Little White Book was a limited edition palette that was released along with a Little Black Book for Holiday 2003. The whimsical design made these palettes immensely popular and highly collectible. I also have Little Black Book lying around somewhere.

The Lady Cat palette was a limited edition holiday release from 2005. Mine is currently empty as I depotted the pans into another case. There was also a Persia Cat palette.


Anonymous said...

this looks like a fairtale... :)

kuri said...

wow, that's a summer collection to look forward to. I'll probably pick up the purple blooming eyes.