Monday, 26 January 2009

Anna Sui New Releases

Anna Sui will be launching the following new products on 5 March in Japan. I've got my eye on the lilac Compact Powder G!

1. Whitening Lotion (3675yen, 200ml)

2. Intensive White Serum (4725yen, 35ml)

3. Trial Kit W (3150yen): Deep Cleansing Oil 50ml, Whitening Lotion 50ml, Intensive Whitening Serum 10ml

4. Compact Powder G SPF12 PA++ (4725yen): 2 limited edition purple compacts with loose powder

5. Foundation Compact Case 09: limited edition (1260yen)


Maryda said...

Haru, do U know any primer for oily skin/acne prone? Most primer in the US are silicony and matte or plain. I like Japanese one, esp the one that has a nice glow or sheen. Not shimmery, but just that glow. It's so hard to choose, cos all web doesn't provide the details, everything in japanese. lol...Thanks for your help.

Haru said...

Hi Maryda,

For oily skin/acne, Revue's primer is very popular in Japan but I don't know if it contains silicones. Coffret D'Or, which is supposed to replaced Revue (but Revue was so popular, Kanebo has decided to keep making it for now), is introducing a primer, Lighting Power Veil UV, in March and according to the website, it does contain silicones such as dimethicone.

I haven't tried that many primers to be able to recommend a truly great one, and actually the Japanese ones that I've tried usually feel silicone-y to me as well. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

Maryda said...

Thanks Haru, I'm gonna check out the Revue primer :) I love your informational blog, lol