Sunday, 18 January 2009

Paul & Joe Disney Collection

Just read on Cozycot that the Paul & Joe Disney collection will be launched this coming Tuesday in Singapore at long last! The prices are as follows:

1. Face Color Balls (2 shades) S$48
2. Milky Lip Treatment S$23
3. Protective Hand Cream S$28

I have ordered the Disney balls from where they are only £17.75 (S$38.95) each but am still waiting for my sister-in-law to bring back from UK for me. Don't miss this collection as I'm sure it will sell very quickly, given how irresistibly adorable the Bambi print is.

You can also check out the wonderfully detailed reviews and pics by Lotus Palace and Musings of a Muse!


Roxy said...

I was wondering when these were actually going to be available.

Haru said...

Hi Roxy,

The info from Cozycot is that the Disney collection was launched at Isetan Scotts on Tuesday. The collection will likely be launched at the counter in Takashimaya on this Friday and Isetan Orchard next week. It's strange that the counters are getting them at different dates. The lip treatment is already sold out at the Isetan Scotts counter.

ariescinderella said...

heys i really wanna get that disney collection pearl much eh?? where do i get them?? isit at isetan shaw centre there?? thank you=))

Haru said...


The face powders are S$48 each. All the Paul & Joe counters in Singapore were selling this collection but I'm not sure which counters still have the face powder in stock now. Perhaps you can try calling them to ask.