Monday, 5 January 2009

An Incredible Gift

A parcel arrived today from my good buddy, Kathi of Lotus Palace. If you haven't checked out her blog before, I highly recommend it as she is the authority on Korean and Japanese makeup and skincare products.

I was simply astounded by all the exquisite items in the parcel! I had admired many of these on her blog and her taste is, as always, impeccable. I've always wanted to try Etude House and now, thanks to Kathi, I'm the proud owner of all these lovelies including the latest I Can't Stop Smiling spring collection! Please click here to read Kathi's review of the collection.

Smile Lip Gloss Trio, also described as "Moist & Sunny Lip Gloss for Smiley Lips" on the box :-)

Smile Cheek Pearls (Multi-Colored Blush with Puff). I think this totally outclassed anything Majolica Majorca has produced in the past year in terms of total cuteness! The adorable pink puff feels very soft and luxurious.

Etude House oil-blotting sheet case. Looks very similar to the one by Anna Sui!

Just as special is this Jetoy notebook which features a different whimsical illustration on every page (and there are over 150 pages in the notebook!) These are some of my favourites in it.

Thank you so much for all these wonderful gifts, Kathi! Now I can't stop smiling!


Kimberly said...

She's soooooo so sweet! My GOSH!
wow -- and I love how everything is almost color coordinated.

Enjoy your fresh new goodies, we're all waiting anxiously for your reviews and for you to dive into your fun new stash!

Kathi said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you like the little gift! You were always so sweet and helpful in the previous years it was about time to send you a gift of appreciation!
*hugs* and here's to many more years of friendship! =D

Haru said...

Hey Kimberly,

Yes, Kathi is the sweetest and most generous! She has sent me so many wonderful gifts over the past few years, I'm truly spoilt!

Hey Kathi,

Thank you so much for everything! You know I'd do anything for you :-) And this was not a "little" gift at all, it was the best Xmas/New Year present I received this year!

makeupmag said...

Such generous and stunning gifts. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. :)

Enjoy all the pretties...the makeup fairy that you are certainly deserves them! ;):D

paperdollrevenge said...

Aww...super cute! Very sweet of her. Etude House has such cute packaging! Have fun with your new goodies! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi RougeDeluxe

Dearie, such lovelies you have! enjoy and in pleasure :)

there is one Etude house in KL if you happen to pop by, it's in Bukit Bintang Times Square shopping mall.
the shop decorated all in pink, very visible on the store front.
looking like a princess palace! was rushing that trip to KL so didn't have a chance to buy anything..alamak

i know Etude is available in JL, limited stock i heard
is there a Etude house in Singapore actually? no rite? i hope someone can prove me wrong! i really love to buy something from Etude after seeing your post!

Haru said...

Dear Niki,

Unfortunately, both Etude and Etude House are not available in Singapore. Hopefully they will make it here some day! I went to the Times Square mall in Kuala Lumpur in October and the Etude House store there was still under renovation. I hope to visit it again soon!