Monday, 19 January 2009

Lavshuca Spring '09

New ad visual for Lavshuca's forthcoming Spring '09 collection. There is currently only a teaser on the official website, which should have the full collection up near the official release date of 1 February. Personally, the ad visual doesn't appeal to me at all. The Puffy ladies look like they just got out of bed and their makeup is just plain boring. I wonder if Lavshuca will replace them in the near future to help revitalise the brand, which seems to have been muddling along of late without any real hit products or outstanding collections.

The lipstick casing reminds me of Jill Stuart's lipstick case which has a similar long plastic cap and decorative tip, except that the Lavshuca version looks tackier and less elegant compared to the Jill Stuart case, which allows one to easily see the shade of the lipstick inside. But the Lavshuca version costs half the price of Jill Stuart, at 1575yen versus 2940yen.


Laura said...

Hi Haru,

Like you, I was also quite disappointed with their packaging for the Spring 09 collection (doesn't the eyeshadow palette remind you of Kate?). I think you prefer the more pigmented/stronger colors so I was quite certain you will not like these. But once i saw their ad visual with Puffy looking clean (albeit a little sleepy), I am sold! I think Lavshuca is still going through a clean, almost nude makeup phase (shu uemura, coffret d'or spring 09, anyone?)which explains for the lack of strong colors giving you the "POW" that you were looking for in Lavshuca. That probably also explains why you probably prefer Lunasal more than Coffret D'or (do you?). I am still stuck in this phase, I no longer buy MAC eyeshadows due to their strong pigmentation, I even consider my stila palettes to be strong on color (i'm weak, haha)! I am really enjoying the subtle colors that this brand brings, thereby creating a fresh, "pretty as a flower" look. :)

I hope you will eventually grow to like it!

Haru said...

Hi Laura,

You're right! I am somewhat biased as I tend to prefer more vibrant, pigmented bright and dramatic shades, which is why Lavshuca hasn't been appealing to me much as they cater more towards women in their late 20s who want something easy to use and which looks feminine and pretty. Lunasol has a more diverse line-up compared to Lavshuca so I think Lunasol is able to appeal to a wider segment but Lunasol is much pricier of course.

I'm actually not as big a fan of MAC as I used to be as I think some of their eyeshadow textures are just terrible and a pain to use. They really should learn from the Japanese brands which are a lot more user-friendly.

MiuMiu said...

puffy looks crazy in that picture XD

Citrine said...

The two puffy ladies look like they are trying to go back being little girls...

anyway...I am never that much a fan of lavshuca anyway...

Laura said...

Hi Haru,

I have just read Kathi's review on the Lavshuca Spring 09 eyeshadows. She posted swatches of the green and brown palette (which I thought looked really lovely on her alabaster skin!) The shimmers and pigmentation as seen on her swatches does seem comparable to your swatches of your new Visee palette. I am really excited by Kathi's positive review on it, and will be purchasing a few (haven't decided on which yet) eyeshadows from this range.

I happen to be really in love with Lavshuca because of their base primer and foundation from their Sping 08 collection. A little goes a long way, like how the Muse said for their foundation released in Autumn 08. Sames goes for their lovely primer and powder foundation.

I am hoping you will change your mind about Lavshuca's upcoming eyeshadows, buy one, and fall in love with the brand like I did! :)