Saturday, 24 January 2009


As promised, here are the pics of the Blonde and Brunette Mineralize Skin Finishes that a kind friend helped to CP from the US! According to yesterday's issue of Urban in the Straits Times, the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead collection will be launched in Singapore on 6 February. Interestingly, the article listed the price of the MSFs as S$35 which I doubt is accurate as the Mineralize blushes are already S$37 and the MSFs in previous collections retailed at S$42 in Singapore.

It was interesting that instead of the usual veining, these MSFs were baked with gradational strips of color. The Blonde MSF applied as a metallic light pink on me. I was surprised that it showed up quite well (I'm MAC NC20.) It can be too frosty if applied too heavily so I use my MAC #187 brush to lightly dust this on. I haven't tried the Brunette MSF yet but it looks quite pretty in the pan too.

Here's my current collection of MSFs! The photo is just missing the New Vegas MSF from the Alexander McQueen collection. MSFs for me are like a sickness. Few of them actually work well on me as they often are too frosty or glittery. Plus given my oily skin with enlarged pores, I should skip anything that accentuates them. But there's something satisfying about how an MSF fits snugly in the palm of your hand with its full round dome just waiting to be tickled.

Ever since they were first introduced about 5 years ago, the rarer ones have often gone for upwards of US$100 on Ebay. So there's also the gotta-have-this-cult-item-now-before-it-disappears factor that makes me keep buying MSFs. I may not use them much but I still enjoy taking them out every once in a while to admire. The ones I reach for the most are the pink-toned ones like Petticoat that I can use as a blush. But frankly, I still prefer NARS blushes for the more flattering shades and finish.

Top row (L ro R): Light Flush, Petticoat, Porcelain Pink
Bottom row (L to R): Blonde, So Ceylon, Glissade

Top row (L ro R): Metal Rock, Naked You, Brunette
Bottom row (L to R): Lightscapade, Warmed, Shimpagne

Metal Rock (Goldplay collection, July 2005). I picked this up at the Cosmetics Company Outlet store at Gotemba (a factory outlet mall) in the Hakone region of Japan. I snapped it up simply because it was a MSF and later found that it was way too dark to be used on my cheeks, which means I can use it only as a eyeshadow but I have yet to do so!

Naked You (Lingerie collection, December 2005)

Lightscapade (Danse collection, December 2006). Still the most unique MSF ever released, this gives a nice all-over glow when applied on top of your foundation.

Warmed (N collection, January 2008)

Light Flush (N collection, January 2008)

Shimpagne (A Muse collection, July 2006)

Glissade (Danse collection, December 2006)

Petticoat (Lingerie collection, December 2005).

So Ceylon (High Tea collection, December 2004). Another big long-time favourite on MUA.

Porcelain Pink (High Tea collection, December 2004). Too pale and frosty for me.

New Vegas (Alexander McQueen collection, October 2007). Another MSF that I've never touched as it looks like a glittery discoball but I liked the McQueen logo printed on the cover ;-p

Shimpagne (top), New Vegas (bottom left), New You (bottom right)


Anonymous said...

Aww you have a 'bad' porcelain pink! I had 3 porcelain pink msfs and one of them was like the one you have, very pale and works totally nothing for me. The other 2 was super pretty, lovely pink with gold veins and works great as a blush! If you can get a 'good' porcelain pink, i think you'll totally change your opinion about it. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi!! Nice collection of MSFs you got there. Btw, upcoming M.A.C.'s sugarsweet collection is gonna have 2 more MSFs!
*Perfect Topping - Pink/Peach/Lavender melange
*Refined - Tan/Peach/Coral melange

Haru said...


I've seend the pics of Perfect Topping and Refined online and they look divine! I'm definitely going to try to add them to my collection. They do look similar to Pupa baked face powders.

Hi Janice,
Thanks for the advice, but given that PP was limited edition, I think the only way to get it now is Ebay, which will be overpriced.

tanisha.rose said...

if you dont want so ceylon or metal rock i will GLADLY take them off your hands
pretty please :-D