Saturday, 17 January 2009

Maquillage Spring '09 Press Event

Check out these photos from the Voce website on the Maquillage press event for their Spring 2009 collection, which also introduced their three new spokesmodels!

It seems like Maquillage is trying to portray itself as brand for all women with the various TV CMs playing up the spokesmodels' different personalities.

From left to right: Singer/model Tsuchiya Anna, model Ebihara Yuri, actress Shinohara Ryoko, Taiwanese model/actress/singer Pace Wu Peici and actress Ueno Juri. I'm happy to see Ueno Juri, a great comedic actress who became very popular after starring in the J-drama Nodama Cantabile.

New ad visual.


Anonymous said...

The grey eyeshadow palette looks nice! Ueno Juri and Pace Wu look really good in the new ad too. Will definitely check this out when it hits the counters :)

Anonymous said...

any idea when the spring collection will hit our counters? this collection looks lovely.

Haru said...

I'm not sure, will ask at the Shiseido counter next time I pass by. Should be around February, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru
I'm your usual reader. just to let you the biteki and voce is out at kino, think is feb. i read you got it so i quickly ordered too :) thanks for your update and always so dedicated to makeup, i admire and adore your beauty spirit

adoring fan

Haru said...

Hi sweet_pinky!

Thanks for your kind comments! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy reading the blog :-) It's always a pleasure to share my hobby with other ladies!

I only picked up the Feb issue of Voce as I prefer its catalog to that of Biteki. But both are good reads!