Saturday, 24 January 2009

Maquia Spring Collections Catalogue

Here are some shots from the Maquia spring collections catalogue, which includes some brands that were not featured in the Voce and Biteki catalogues. What I find very useful about the Maquia catalogues is that they print life-size pictures of a couple of products in each collection. They also print pictures of how each product looks like, with accompanying color swatches for lipglosses, mascaras and liners.

The new Deep Trap Eyes GN-1 palette looks quite interesting in this pic!

Ad visual for Kate's spring collection.


Latte adict said...

I can't read Japanese, but because of the reviews online I was thinking of getting Maquia from ebay. Just to look at the pics ;) It's pretty expensive, but hey I don't have access to it here in the Netherlands ;)

Which edition is this one, january/february? Is this 'spring collections catalogue' a separate edition of the magazine?

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris! I can't wait to get my Spring'09 haul - I have ordered Kate's GN-1 palette!