Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Collection

The Body Shop will launch its new Moroccan Rose collection tomorrow in Singapore!

I'm quite intrigued by the description of the fragrance, which is supposed to be a fresh, dewy scent with lemon oil, a hint of spice, warm vanilla and sensual musk. Sounds delightful!

The shower gel and body milk will be available as a set for the great price of $29.90, a 25% savings over the individual retail price.

And as if I need just that extra little nudge, there is a members' special GWP with purchase of $65.

Click here for the full list of promotions from 22 January to 11 February!


plue said...

Hello Haru,

We don't get any of those packages for Moroccan Rose, TBS is still promoting the Cherry Blossom range. :(

I tried and bought the body butter, it's lovely! Feel like getting another tub cuz it's LE. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Kose Happy Bath Day collection is sold at John Little at Marina Square. Their toiletries department is having a 20% off. Worth checking out!

Haru said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the tip! I need to make a trip to JL :-)

Hi Plue,

That's a shame. The Body Shop in Singapore has different promotions every month now 'cos t keeps the customers coming back, I suppose! It's a bit strange that they always offer discounts on the brand new collections, but I guess it's a marketing strategy that works in Singapore as Singaporeans love getting a bargain.

I tried out the Moroccan Rose range and I was disappointed as only the perfume smelled like a nice rose scent to me. The rest of the items had a strange smell and were much more muted. But I'll probably check it out again to see if I have a different experience.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Where's the makeup that's supposed to come along with it?? I guess they're not ready to release it yet.

Haru said...


The Moroccan Rose is a fragrance and bodycare collection. The spring makeup collection with the rose motif should be out in stores in February.

plue said...

Hi Haru,

It's a nice rose scent for the body butter, but the others, I feel like I can skip them. The EDT smells a little weird, or maybe not even as nice as the body butter :) They revamp the body butter formula so it is not as oily or sticky as it used to be :)

My sister loves the scent, and so are my other 2 colleagues! and i bought another tub already! LOL.

m@rimo***+++@my+++*** said...

Hi haru, do u know can I buy transderma c in Singapore ? Thks :)

Haru said...

Sorry, I'm not familiar with Transderma C, don't know if it is sold in Singapore. Perhaps you can try asking on Cozycot?