Monday, 26 January 2009

Stila Japan-exclusive Barbie Collection

As reported earlier, Stila will be releasing several Barbie items that appear to be exclusive to the Japanese market. I'm hoping that these will show up on Stila's US website as the items are super pricey in Japan, given the astronomical yen now. I calculated the whole collection will cost 51975yen, which is about US$587. Yikes! But knowing how Japanese ladies love anything cute and doll-like, I'm sure this will sell out in a flash.

The collection launches on 13 March and includes:

1. Barbie Eye Mousse Pot: 2 shades (3360yen)

2. Barbie Cheek Mousse Pot: warm pink (3360yen)

3. Barbie Face Shimmer Powder: Pink Doll and Bisque Doll (4410yen)

4. Barbie 3-pan palette: 2 palettes, each contains 2 eyeshadows and 1 blush (5775yen)

5. Barbie Paint Can Pony Tail (7875yen)

6. Barbie Makeup Pouch (6195yen)

7. Barbie Clutch Pouch (5985yen): with hot pnk interior

8. Barbie Pouch & Scrunchie set (7245yen)


Maryda said...

The can is available at Sephora web. The rest might be only for Japan.

Anonymous said...

The collection's so CUTE!!!!!

B377Y said...

Wow. I really want some of that Japan exclusive stuff..why does Japan always get the good stuff :( US sucks