Sunday, 11 January 2009

EOTD: Awake Reflectance Eyes E3 Always Blue

I was in the mood for something blue so I picked out Awake Reflectance Eyes E3 Always Blue which is one of my favourite blue-themed palettes.

I applied the medium blue cream shade as the base with my finger from the lashline to the crease, and the brushed the white highlighter shade over the browbone area. Then I used the thin sponge applicator to apply the dark blue shade alone the upper lashline and the outer one-third of the lower lashline. I finished off by brushing the silvery blue shade in the crease, at the inner corners and also along the lower lashline.

I also used the Anna Sui Mascara Primer and Super Mascara DX Long Lash 001, as well as the Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil Full Black. Using both the primer and mascara does add quite a bit of length to my lashes but I don't like the feel of the primer, which is prone to clumping. The Long Lash mascara also contains lots of small fibres which can get a bit messy.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

I think your eyes are best dressed in blue, of all of the EOTDs you done so far. :-)

lurve your eyeshadow collection!!!!

Would you like to recommend me any of the must-buys for blue or green palettes available in SG?


Inge said...

Beautiful. You have gorgeous eyes!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Haruchan! (I chanced upon it on MUA's homepage)
Loving your recent EOTDs, especially the blue eye using Lunasol Beige Cool quad.

~Jo (101mynxes from CC)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the EOTD! it's lovely to put a product with a real life picture on a person! beautiful blue.

Haru said...

Hi Su!

Thanks for your comments! For green palettes, you can check out
1. Majolica Majorca Majolook (Trick On) GR750

2. Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes #4 Green Coral

3. Coffret D'Or Trance Deep Eyes #3 (Green)

For blue palettes, you can try
1. Lunasol Geminate Eyes #4 Sapphire

2. Coffret D'Or 3D Lighting Eyes #2

3. Pop Beauty Eye Class Blue Eyes (at Sephora)

I hope that helps!

Dear Pixie,
Thanks for stopping by and your comments!

Dear Jo,
Thank you, that's so sweet of you! Glad to hear that you're enjoying the EOTD series :-)

Hi Jojoba,
The palette is even more lovely in real life than in the pics as it has a lovely lilac tinge to it, that doesn't really come out in the photos. Thanks for your comment!

Taryn said...

Happy b-day, Iris! Your EOTD looks fabulous. I also love your new pic. It's cool to put a face with a name. :)

Haru said...

Hey Taryn/Jo,

It's not my birthday actually! My birthday is in November. I didn't know it was featured on MUA, so I went to investigate and found that it was logged as 11 Jan in my MUA profile. I think I must have entered it incorrectly. I'm so sorry! Will get it corrected asap.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the colors! I don't think I've ever bought blue shadow, but I'll have to give these a whirl :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

I think blue shadows look best on you! You blended the shades so nicely and I love how you lined the lower lash line. =]

makeupmag said...

Stunning! :) I *love* this look. Your eyes have pretty folds for gradation of eyeshadow to show up prettily.

I was wondering about your birthday because I remember wishing you some time late last year, lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi,i live in Greece and i;ve been visiting ur blog often,i like japanesse make up but i dont know where to find them,can u suggest a site that ships worldwide?And these eyeshadows are from which company?
thank u and keep up,u r wonderful!

Haru said...


There are several online retailers that ship worldwide. Here are some that stock Japanese brands: : Based in Hong Kong and has reasonable prices Based in Japan, a bit expensive but has a very good range of drugstore and department brands. Also based in Japan and somewhat expensive but they have special deals from time to time. Based in Hong Kong, quite established and reliable.

The eyeshadows in this palette are from Awake, which is owned by Kose. I think it's not available at the above websites but you can ask Ichibankao or Bobodave if they can help you order it. Awake is also phasing out their color makeup range so it may not be available for much longer.