Monday, 19 January 2009

Shiseido Perfect Rouge

Shiseido has launched its new Perfect Rouge in Singapore. Starting today until 1 February, you can receive a mirror with every purchase of a Perfect Rouge lipstick. There is also an 8 piece GWP with purchase of $138.

The Perfect Rouge line is touted as having intensely vibrant, luxurious creamy shades thanks to Shiseido's new Translucent Red Pigment that reflects all light as red, instead of absorbing them. It is also formulated with Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a moisturising ingredient, and Satin Smooth Pearl pigment for luster and superb smoothness.


- said...

Will this be launched in the US? I love Shiseido lipstick formulas :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! The SA told me that Shiseido is coming out with new lipsticks and discontinue its sheer gloss ones. is it the same in singapore? we can't find many sheer gloss l/s here now. only the very odd colours... i hope these are good as the name soulds like PERFECTING Lipsticks, my HG! i am worried that they will replaced those with these and what if...

Haru said...

Hi Kiu,

Yes, these will definitely be launched in the US as the Perfect Rouge is one of Shiseido's major global releases for 2009.

Hi Jojoba,

I'm not sure if the sheer gloss or perfecting lipsticks will be replaced/discontinued. I think best to check directly with your SA? Sorry, I don't actually use Shiseido The Makeup much so I'm not familiar with their different lipsticks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Haru dearie!

Nice rouge collection by Shiseido. their lippy is always sheer and subtle, this collection shouts a "oomph!"

By the way Haru do you know where can we get "Embryolisse lait creme" in Singapore? heard great raves on this item in a lot of Japanese beauty magazine and also Taiwanese beauty 321, top favorite by make up artists, celebrity and supermodel alike! I'm sure you came across this brand with your frequent dose of Jap magazine babe.

acts like cream and also an excellent skin primer for makeup. stays extremely well! i googled and found this is from Paris and don't think we can find this great stuff in local easily right babe? we don't have the distributor? maybe in certain niche place..


Haru said...

Hey Niki,

Sorry, I'm afraid I've never heard of Embryolisse. I don' t recall seeing it in the mags but perhaps it just didn't catch my eye as I'm usually more interested in makeup items rather than skincare. Perhaps you can try ordering from and ship through Borderlinx?