Wednesday, 7 January 2009

M by Maquillage

Maquillage has set up a new website dedicated to their new Spring '09 collection which features a broad revamp of the colour makeup line with a new packaging logo, single eyeshadows, face palettes and eyeshadow palettes. Shiseido did intensive research involving 10,000 women to find the so-called "Golden Balance" of what makes an attractive facial appearance. They found that the three key elements are big expressive eyes, full lips and a slim face line.

Do check out the excellent makeup technique section which shows in detailed steps how to create the look on model Anna Tsuchiya using the new eyeshadow palette, lipstick and face palette.


Anonymous said...

I'll be looking forward to Maquillage's revamp, the products look promising from the pictures.

Just thought Tsuchihya Anna's image doesn't really go along with Maquillage's brand image(probably because I've always seen her as the rocker chick type).

But I like Ueno Juri's promo picture, not really like her usual self but in a nice way.

Thanks for the information.


Anonymous said...

Smitten used to cost only SGD5. It has since increased to SGD6. That's why I stop buying the magazine. But you are rite about those cheesy human interest stories in other women magazines. And then there's Womens' Weekly which always publish a so called real life story at the last page of the magazine & names had been changed to protect the victims identity kind of thing that really makes you cringe.

Haru said...


To me, $1 difference is not that significant so I don't mind paying $6 for a good read! Style is another local mag that I buy occasionally but Smitten is the only must-buy local mag for me every month.

Hi S,

I thought it was interesting for Maquillage to choose Anna Tsuchiya, and it definitely adds a more youthful edgy vibe to Maquillage's promo visuals.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I think I'm starting to like her image as portrayed in the M website now. It does kind of appeal to the younger consumers.

Anyway, I've found out this chinese blog which has posted an extensive collection of large and clear pictures on M's spring launch:

And this chinese blog features the the actual eye shadow photo and a complete FOTD of Tsuchiya Anna's look:

Enjoy! ^_^