Saturday, 17 January 2009

Lunasol 10th Anniversary

Lunasol has updated its website with its 10th Anniversary collection which includes a Makeup Palette (9975yen) and a Base Makeup Kit (8925yen) to be released on 20 February in Japan. Both are great ways of trying out Lunasol's bestselling products.

The Makeup Palette includes:
1. Skin Modelling Eyes #1 Beige Beige
2. Coloring Cheeks #1 Reddish Beige
3. Full Glamour Gloss N EX08 Beige Coral
4. Noble Shade Liner EX01 Deep Brown
5. High Stylise Mascara EL #1 Black

The Base Makeup Kit includes
1. Modelling Water Liquid Foundation SPF17 PA+ 25ml: choice of 6 shades
2. Control Makeup Base (full size): choice of 3 shades
3. Nuance Change Foundation #1 Natural Glow (7g)
4. Under Eyes Base N #1 Natural Beige (2g)
5. Micro Finish Powder N #2 Natural Beige (3.5g)
6. Morning Waking Massage N (10g)
7. Night Refining Cream (10g)
8. Bag


Anonymous said...

hi haru,

do u know when the lunasol spring makeup collection will be sold in Sg/takashimaya?


Haru said...

Hey Mich,

Last I heard from the SA, it should be released in Singapore in February. I'll update here when I have the exact date!

Anonymous said...

The base make-up kit is much more attractive to me!

Btw, have you tried Lunasol's eye make-up base? It comes in a small e/s side compact. Like you, I am a fan of Testimo's eye make-up base too but I forgot to pack it on my trip to HK and got it as a subst. and I must say that it is pretty good. Only grouse is that it is a compact so you have to dip your fingers into palette each time, not as clean/hygenic as the Testimo one.

Qn, the under eye base in this kit is not the same as the eye make-up base I mentioned right?

Tamiko Joy said...

Hi! I love your blog so much information!!! Love it! Is the skincare set a good deal? (Is it cheaper than buying everything seperate?) Also, have you tried everything in that set? Sorry for all the questions just trying to decide if I should get it or not. I've never used Lunasol before but have read very good things about it! Thanks!!!

Haru said...

Hey Michelle!

I haven't used Lunasol's eyeshadow primer (Eyelid Base N) before, mainly because I don't like the compact packaging which is not as convenient as a squeeze tube.

The Under Eye Base N in the 10th Anniversary Kit is different from the Eyelid Base N. Eyelid Base N is an eyeshadow primer whereas Under Eye Base N is a concealer for the lower lid.

Haru said...

Dear Tamiko,

Thanks for stopping by! The skincare set is a good deal as the Control Makeup Base retails for 3675yen and the Modelling Water Liquid Foundation retails for 5250yen. So it means that you are basically getting the other 6 items in the set (which are deluxe sizes, not full sizes) for "free", like a GWP, by buying the Makeup Base and the Liquid Foundation.

I haven't tried any of the items in the set but in general, Lunasol's base makeup is quite well-regarded.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

I am going to throw the makeup set into my shopping bag. Will seriously consider the base makeup set too.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Am really tempted to get both sets! I've not tried Lunasol products before but it looks good. Wonder how much it will cost in SG? $150-$180?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying Iris! :) I am still looking forward to this set - I really like the liquid foundation :)