Saturday, 24 January 2009

Maquillage Website Update

The Maquillage website has been updated with the new Spring '09 collection! This looks much more interesting than the Majolica Majorca one, which has only a pitiful four items. I like the new ad visuals with the three new spokesmodels who help the brand a more youthful and energetic feel whereas previously it tended to have a staid, safe image.

The website also has the five new TV ads and backstage shots. Do check them out! In one of the backstage photos of Pace Wu, it looks like Michael Thompson is the photographer. He shoots most of Allure's magazine covers as well as all of RMK's ad campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Want to share with u more pics from the Maquillage Spring Collection. I didn't know that Pace Wu is missing from the Taiwan's Maquillage advert. =S

Anonymous said...

Hmm? Shiseido Maquillage seems to be following Kanebo Coffet D'or too? Putting up 5 ladies for their makeup line? Or.. have they always been like dat?

Haru said...


Maquillage has always used 5 models in its ad campaigns since the brand's inception. It was actually the first brand to do so. Coffret D'Or then copied its ad strategy.