Saturday, 10 January 2009

Kesalan Patharan Spring '09

The Kesalan Patharan website has been updated with the new Spring '09 collection, Flowering Garden. The collection will be released on 20 February in Japan. I like the design of the limited edition Eye Color Palettes, which usually have a much silkier and more luxurious texture compared to the regular round trios. But the shades from this collection are not that tempting to me so I'm passing on this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

I'm a devoted reader of your blog!
Now, you made me regretted not getting Kesalan Patharan prdts when I was in JPN last mth!!!!!

makeupmag said...

KP had always been a stellar line to me. I wish they'd come back!

PS: You look so kawaiiiii in your avvie! :D

Haru said...

Hi itz_moiz,

Thanks for stopping by, I'm happy to hear that you enjoy reading the blog!

I have just two KP eyeshadow trios that I adore but don't use as often as I should as I have so much makeup. I wish they hadn't pulled out of Singapore :-(

Hey Mag,

Thanks for the comments! I guess the Singapore market is just too small to sustain too many brands, especially the smaller ones without the marketing muscle of Estee Lauder.

i luv tea said...

Hey Haru. I want to buy this concealer from Kesalan Patharan known as undertone light up. Heard that it can be found in Hong Kong and Japan. Do you know where I can get it at both places? Thought it may work to cover my bad dark eye rings. Thanks.

Haru said...


In Tokyo, KP can be found at Seibu department store in Shibuya and Ikebukuro; or Odakyu department store in Shinjuku. I'm afraid I don't know the store locations for Hong Kong. Hope that helps!

i luv tea said...

Thanks a zillion for the tip. :)