Friday, 9 January 2009

RMK Website Update

RMK has updated its website with its new Spring Translucence collection, including a video on the shooting of the ad campaign. This is one of the collections that I'm eagerly anticipating, as the shades all look very pretty and feminine. I've got my eye on the Translucent Cheeks & Eyes palette #1!


Anonymous said...

Oooo, I am excited about this range too! The e/s duos and lipgloss looks interesting too! My shortlist for S/S 09 are:
- Jill Stuart
- Visee
- Anna Sui
- Lunasol
- Kate
What's yours??

Haru said...

Hey Michelle!

My shortlist is:

1. Paul & Joe: probably one palette and one lipstick

2. Jill Stuart: palettes, blushes and the onyx jelly eye colour

3. Visee: one palette (just to try!)

4. RMK

5. Est: palettes!

6. Givenchy: blushes and Prismissme

The pics I've seen of Lunasol suggest that they are too pale for my liking.

Wombat said...

Hi Haru, I love your blog! I've updated on my blog ( for English or for Chinese/english dual language) for some spring 09 collections from Biteki and also my actual product pics for RMK. I do love my new RMK collections! (blushes more so than eyeshadows at this point). Hope this helps with your shortlist!

Haru said...

Hey Wombat,

Wow, how did you manage to get the RMK and P&J collections so early? Those are great pics! Did you like the RMK items you got?

I've linked your blog on mine :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris!
Same as you for Jill Stuart and for Visee, one palette to try.

For Anna Sui, I am intrigued by the new blush, lipgloss and purple nail polish.

For Lunasol, only the purple palette, the others are not very interesting ...

For Kate, the blue gradation eyes palette and maybe one of the new ones.

I can't wait to check out your S/S stash! :) Happy Weekend!!!!

Wombat said...

Hi Haru,
I know a friend in HK who knows some public relations people (I think they either sell freebies or the alike), unfortunately I can only buy them as a whole lot! hence the full set =P

I like the RMK items more on the blush side (looking to do pics and swatches this wknd), the cheek & eye palette is very versatile, however the e/s are unfortunately sheerer and an interesting texture (moist, but feels almost crumbly and slightly rough, but looks ok on the skin stangely), nothing like the effect on the model. Beautiful iridescence and shimmer though.

Love spring collections!

Haru said...


I see, that's a very good contact to have :-) Yeah, I'm expecting the RMK eyeshadow duos to be sheer too since that seems to be the trend this spring. Glad to hear that the palette is versatile! I also like their lipsticks.