Saturday, 17 January 2009

Fancl Washing Powder Valentine's Day Edition

Fancl, which is famous for their preservative-free skincare, will launch a limited edition Love Blossoms version of its popular Washing Powder (1260yen) and a heart-shaped Facial Washing Puff for Valentine's Day. The pink bottle is for normal to dry skin types while the white bottle is for normal to oily skin types. The revamped Washing Powder contains three types of amino acids for a denser, thicker foam that supposedly cleanses skin thoroughly while keeping it soft and moisturised. The dense foam is most easily created by using the puff as just mixing the powder in your palm does not produce much foam.

Only 15,000 pieces of the heart-shaped puff was produced and it is already sold out on the Japan website. 19,000 units of the white bottle and 119,000 of the pink bottle were produced. For Fancl fans in Singapore, the collection will be available here starting 23 January. The Washing Powder will retail at S$26 each.

Time to start stalking the Fancl counters for that adorable puff!


Kathi said...

I got that pink washing powder a few weeks ago =D I wasn't expecting to get a limited packaged bottle so I was very surprised that I received the cute pink one instead of the standard boring one =D
Here's a pic

miss_waterlily said...

hi Kathi,

I cannot seem to open ur pic,can u pls send it to my email if its not too much trouble?, thanks so much!!And just wondering where you purchased it from?

lots of love