Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Smitten & Non-No

Singapore ladies, the February issue of Smitten is out! Since its launch about a year ago, Smitten has quickly become my favourite local magazine and the only one that I troll newspaper stands for impatiently around the 7th of each month. I also picked up the new February issue of Non-no, as it came with a Paul & Joe Sister nylon pouch.

Smitten is like Lucky magazine crossed with UK Glamour, a handy-sized monthly fashion and beauty bible that is chock-full of style, beauty and other lifestyle tips for the fun, fearless female. None of the cheesy "human interest" stories that you would find in Her World.

Check out this Karen Mok perfume, which is touted as the first ever Asian celebrity fragrance, which will be sold at Sasa from February onwards! It is a "fruity mix of apricot, plum and tangerine, blending into a whiff of warm florals". I still own almost all of her CDs as I've always love her ballads. She may not be the most technically accomplished singer but she has a distinctive voice and style that makes her stand out from the other mass-manufactured pop idols.

Smitten also lists the price of the Lady Dior palette as S$116 so my earlier price info from the Dior SA may be wrong.


Yumeko said...

ooh i saw that paul and joe sister pouch..nice!!

btw u are going to have to gimmie some tips on how to get freebies out of kanebo ppl hahaha
i only get that sorta thing during new year season

and u are so kind to help with so many CPs! i am always nervous about handling ppls money so i dont XD

Haru said...

Hi Yumeko,

I guess I was lucky to meet the nice Kanebo SAs that I did! I met one of them again on my last trip to Japan in December and she still remembered me even though it's been one year since she last saw me. I usually mention in passing that I'm helping overseas friends to buy makeup that is otherwise not available to them and how much they love Japanese makeup, and the SAs will usually give me extra freebies like lipstick or foundation samples to share with my friends.

It was fun but often tiring doing the CPs, which I use to do by the bucketload! It was frustrating sometimes too as you do meet the occasional not-so-nice people but I've also been lucky to meet some very lovely ladies that I still keep in touch with even though I no longer do CPs.

Laura said...

Hi Haru!

I am so glad finally someone said something about Her World's self-indulgent (on their part anyway!) "human interest" stories! That formula is getting old; it's time to reinvent itself! I hope they can come up with something more sassy, exciting for women!

Anyway, I have always wondered why the SAs overseas seem to be so much more generous with samples and freebies than the SAs back here. My experiences with the SAs here is that they only hand out samples when I purchase items more than SGD$100. Is there some kind of hidden rule in their SA handbook or something? It's really tough, because sometimes when I really want to test a foundation, and I request for a foundation sample, and the SAs eyes me suspiciously :D

カロリイン said...

I agree, and we are paying for the loads of advertisements in a copy of Her World magazine! This morning I grabbed a copy of Smitten, and I love it. It's so much handy and informative to carry around for a shopping spree. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, where do you normally get your Jap Mags from?