Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Rouge de Guerlain

Not to be outdone by Shiseido, Guerlain is also launching a new line of 25 lipsticks, Rouge de Guerlain. Pics are from the Voce magazine website.

The lipsticks come in a sleek white gold metal case that opens up to reveal two mirrors.

Actually this photo makes it look somewhat phallic! Since we already have vibrating mascara wands, why not vibrating lipstick tubes too? ;-p

Also to be launched soon is the Snow Whitening Essence and a limited edition Snow Iridescent Powder, which has my buddy, The Muse's name written all over it!


the Muse said...


but of course :)

I wants it.


Is it Japan exclusive or heading over to our snowy shores too?!

It looks gorgeous ;)

Love ya!

Haru said...

Hey Izzy dear!

Sorry, I don't have any info on whether it is Japan-exclusive, perhaps best to check with your local Dior counter? Hopefully it'll be available in Singapore too since we get many of the same releases.


Anonymous said...

Yozzzi Haru!

In the harsh faces of economic downturn and worldwide recession, everyone is turning a tight belt.

will this affect your spending power on makeup?

To makeup...we call infinity!

Sigh, going to get retrenched soon babe.

Haru said...


oh no, sorry to hear that. I hope things get better for you soon.

I really need to be more careful with my spending and restrain myself more from splurging uncontrollably but it's really difficult sometimes, especially after I've had a crappy day at work and am feeling very down. Retail therapy is often my only source of comfort and as long as I spend within my limits, I think it's alright.

Social Butterfly said...

Oh my gosh! Could you please tell me where i can get the dior powder in the Netherlands, or at least in europe?
I am dying to get the snow powder!!!


Haru said...

Dear Suheda,

Sorry, currently I don't have any information if the Dior Snow Powder is exclusive to Japan or Asia, or if it will be available in Europe/US. If you're really desperate, you can try contacting or to see if they can do a special order for you, but of course you would have to pay a premium. Perhaps you should check first with your local Dior counter to see if they're bringing it in?

Good luck!