Monday, 26 January 2009

Lavshuca Website Update

The Lavshuca website has been updated with the new Spring '09 collection which will be released on 1 February in Japan.

The four looks for this collection. The Puffy duo's lashes look amazingly lush but I'm pretty sure this is with the help of falsies.

The new design of the website is more user-friendly as there are now swatches on models for the lipstick and eyeshadow shades, which are very helpful.


Anonymous said...

BTW, Kino will be having 20% off for members from 28 - 31 jan 09.

Anonymous said...

I lub Lavshuca! Great color and pretty pigmented eye shadow. i often get Lavshuca in hongkong. sometimes they have a 10% discount, even cheaper. not the price actually but a pity singapore don't hold this lower end of kanebo product.

i went to kanebo counter to enquiry the coffret d'or spring colllection you posted earlier on, it's not out in local. so far i asked the Metro/Paragon. or it is out in Takashimay already?

thanks and hugs Haru

Haru said...

Hi Pinky,

I agree it's a pity that Lavshuca is not available in Singapore but since it can be ordered easily from Adambeauty, it's actually not too hard to get hold of it too. The only drawback is that one can't check out the testers before deciding whether to buy.

I haven't seen the Coffret D'Or spring collection at any of the local counters, including the one at Takashimaya. My guess is that it will arrive only in Feb/March.

yt said...

hi! is it hard to order from adambeauty?

Haru said...

hi yt,
It's very easy to order from Adambeauty but you will need a Paypal account to make payment. Kathi from orders from Adambeauty all the time without any problems.