Sunday, 18 January 2009

Maquillage Spring '09 Press Event

Check out the dozens of photographs of the Maquillage press event on the Mainichi news website here!

Anna Tsuchiya looks much more tanned in person than in the CM.

Love how fresh the 22-year-old Ueno Juri looks here! This is her first time appearing in a makeup commercial.

Ebihara Yuri, who is 29, looks as photogenic as ever and more youthful than Anna, who is 24 years old.


yl said...

i love ueno juri! she is definitely my favourite jap actress after watching nodame :) thanks for this post, she looks great here

Maryda said...

Hi Haru,
do U know which makeup is she wearing (last pic)??? Love her look, hottt.

Haru said...

Hi Maryda,

The Maquillage website has not been updated with the different models' looks and lists of products. It should be up on 21 January. I'll update here when I find out!

Citrine said...

At first sight I thought Tsushiya was some 40 year-old executive for Shiseido...she looks alright in the Cm though...

And I love Ueno Juri too!