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Bea's Up: Jill Stuart & MAC Perfect Book

The February issue of Bea's Up included a booklet on Jill Stuart and MAC, both of which are immensely popular in Japan. The booklet played up the striking contrast between the cool, funky MAC with its black packaging and the princessy pink of Jill Stuart.

JS Lovers who love its shimmery eyeshadows and nail polishes, natural blushes, princessy mirrors and floral-scented bodycare line.

Top 5 must-buys for spring:
1. Jelly Lip Gloss #4 Baby Petal
2. Illuminance Eyes #6 Blossoming Shine
3. Mix Blush Compact #7 Lovely Tulip
4. Jelly Lip Gloss #5 Frosted Cherry
5. Nail Lacquer N #30 Heavenly Shine

Jill Stuart will also launch a makeup pouch in February, a day skincare powder in March and a face refresh mist in April.

JS brand history including its debut in 2005 to instant popularity and long lines of customers, hit products such as the Mix Blush Compact in 2007.

Interview with a Jill Stuart SA, who said that one of the highlights of her job was wearing the pretty outfits!

She used Illuminance Eyes #6 Blossoming Shine by applying the pale pink shade all over the lid, the mauve shade (2nd from right) in the crease and the purple shade (extreme right) in the outer corners. She then used her finger to pat the gold pearl shade (extreme left) over the lid and lined the inner rims of her lashlines with a pencil eyeliner.

Top 8 best-selling makeup items:
1. Lipgloss #2 Flirty Pink
2. Jelly Eye Color #5 Sugar Candy
3. Illuminance Eyes #2 Fantastic Light
4. Seductive Eyes #1 Seductive Doll
5. Liquid Eyeliner #6 Taupe Mist
6. Lip Lustre #19 Pure Cherry
7. Nail Lacquer N #9 Berry Sorbet
8. Mix Blush Compact #6 Fresh Apricot (this has replaced #1 Baby Blush as the most popular shade)

Top 8 best-selling base items and tools:
1. Present Box M
2. Loose Powder #3
3. Hand Mirror
4. Smooth Silk Powder Foundation #103
5. Compact Mirror
6. Eyelash Curler
7. Pouch
8. Pure Lasting Makeup Base

Brand trivia:
#1 The shopping bag differs according to the products purchased (e.g. nail, bodycare, makeup).

#2 The striped design of the shopping bag for bodycare is modelled on Jill Stuart's daughter's bedroom wallpaper.

#3 The interior of the skincare boxes is printed with illustrations of the fruits used in the individual products.

#4 In response to customer feedback, the new nailpolish bottles and Jelly Lip Gloss tubes have been affixed with larger Swarovski crystals.

#5 The octagonal design of the caps on the various products is said to attract good luck according to fengshui principles.

MAC Lovers: Famous for its highly sought-after limited edition collections and collaborations with brands such as Disney and Barbie, MAC's limited edition collections usually sell out quickly with the Disney collection selling out in as little as 24 minutes.
MAC fans are known to love lip makeup.

Top 5 must-buys for spring:
1. Icescape Lipglass
2. Winter Sky Eyeshadow
3. Transparent Teal Glitter Reflects
4. Naked Frost Lipglass
5. Penultimate Eyeliner Rapid Black

MAC brand history: Notable highlights include the Barbie collection selling out in less than four days in 2007 and the Mineralize Loose Foundation sales figures reaching the original 2-month target in just one week in 2008, Spice Lip Pencil which was popularised by Linda Evangelista, and the Dress Camp collection which sold out in three days. When MAC was first launched in Japan in 1998, there were long queues at the counters on the first day. The brand quickly grew to its current 34 counters in Japan.

Interview with MAC SA who recommended Sketch, Idol Eyes, Trax and Black Tied and false eyelashes for creating the smokey gradational look, paired with Mineralize Blush in Love Thing and Ample Pink Plushglass.

She used Idol Eyes all over the lid as the base, then contoured the outer corner with Trax, blended Sketch in the crease and smudged Black Ted along the lashline, the finished by applying the false eyelashes.

Top 8 bestselling makeup products:
1. Tempting Eyeshadow
2. Nice Buzz Plushglass
3. Zoom Lash Zoom Black
4. Sunbasque Sheertone Blush
5. Abstract Nail Lacquer
6. Bare Study Paint Pot
7. Black Track Fluidline
8. Siss Lipstick

Top 8 best-selling base makeup items and tools:
1. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
2. Mineralize SPF15 Foundation/Loose
3. #7 Eye Lash
4. Prep Prime Face Protect
5. Lightful Protective Moisturiser
6. #187 Stippling Brush
6. Iridescent Powder Brightful
8. Select Moisture Cover

MAC trivia:
#1 MAC releases an average of 2 new collections per month, much more frequently than other brands.

#2 Makeup lessons by pro MAC artists are available at the flagship store on Omotesando.

#3 MAC artists love to apply the Mineralize Loose Foundation with #109 brush (for covering up pores and wrinkles) and #187 brush (for a soft finish)

#4 After being revamped in 2007 into a more user-friendly version with a clear rim, sales of MAC's false eyelashes have grown 11 times.

#5 MAC's SAs are pro makeup artists who often participate in fashion shows.

#6 MAC's products are designed for ease of use at fashion shows, such as the Lipglass and eyeshadow packaging which allows one to see the shade easily.

Prizes being given away by the magazine.


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