Saturday, 9 January 2010

Paul & Joe Makeup Pouch

Spotted the new Paul & Joe blue striped makeup pouch with a paisley print at the Isetan Scotts counter earlier today. It retails for S$48, quite a bit cheaper compared to Japan where it costs 4725yen (S$71) and the yellow kitty pouch which is S$65. It comes with a separate brush holder. According to the SA, the Wild Flower spring collection may arrive around early February, hopefully before Chinese New Year.

All the P&J counters currently have a wide selection of pouches, cases and bags for the GWP. The pic below was taken at the BHG counter in Bugis Junction.


zhenling said...

different paul and joe counters seem to have different stock of the GWP.

i have the kitty print make pouch and am uber happy with it.

trying to decide between the poppy print and the paisley print. what do you think?

Haru said...

hi zhenling,

I just ordered the kitty print pouch from where it was on sale recently, as I couldn't bear to pay S$65 for it in Singapore!

I'm not sure which pouch you mean by the poppy print as most of P&J's current pouches/bags feature a paisley print. If you mean the pink print, I think the smaller tote case is cuter than the large bag. I do like the new blue paisley print very much and may pick it up when the Wild Flowers collection arrives.

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

thanks for posting the pic! Ok, the blue paisley print makeup pouch is making my heart beat faster. Do you think $48 is worth getting?

Haru said...

hi AhCapp,

The blue pouch is quite well made and has several internal pockets along the side but S$48 is still a bit pricey for a makeup pouch. But you can always wait for the 10% rebate/discount at BHG/Takashimaya/Isetan or a nice P&J GWP. I doubt the makeup pouch will sell out that fast as the yellow kitty one has been around for several months now (though I think that one is just too expensive for most people at S$65!).

yimiko said...

Dear Haru ,

I'm Your Big fans for couple of years ^^. I thought of you last month when i went to some busnes trip in Singapore. I never sent you any comments before as i didn't dare to..... Anyway,i just wanna say hi to you (",), wish you a very happy new year ><.


Haru said...

hi yimiko,
thank you so much for your sweet message! It always makes me very happy to hear that people like reading my little blog :-) I hope you enjoyed your trip to Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Dear Haru,

I enjoyed a lot in Singapore^^.
I also went to many dept.stores to look for Paul&Joe Counters ><. May be after sometimes , i hope i will have a chace to exchange my view with you about Paul&Joe as i am also really like this brand!

Hope you have a very nice day.

Sissi said...

Dear Haru,thanks for your amazing blog;I'm loving it! Do you recommend the Paul and Joe spring 2008 cosmetic pouch? I've found it in a online store but I'm not sure of purchasing it...
CIAO from Italy :-)

Haru said...

hi silvia,

Do you mean this pouch?

It's quite roomy and has several compartments inside, which is useful for sorting stuff. The material is good too. The only thing I don't really like about it is the print.

Sissi said...

Hi Haru,thanks for the answer!
Yes,I mean that.. I like the decoration but I love the cat one too!
I think for the price the bigger is a better purchase.