Friday, 1 January 2010

Dior Spring 2010

The Dior lace-inspired Spring 2010 makeup collection was released today in Singapore. I spotted the collection on display at BHG in Bugis Junction and also at Robinsons in Raffles City, so it should be out at all other counters in Singapore too.

The Poudrier Dentelle (S$85) is described as "an illuminating lace-effect powder for face" and comes in two shades. Both shades basically give a pearly shimmery effect rather than add any color. 001 Rose Dentelle/Pink Lace is more pink toned while 002 Peach Lace is more beige toned.

Almost all of the products feature a gorgeous lace motif imprinted on the surface, which will inevitably get smoothened out with use.

Here's my haul from the Robinsons counter. I got both the eyeshadow palettes and Poudrier Dentelle 001. The palettes cost S$91, a couple bucks more than the normal price for the Iridescent and Cinq Couleurs palettes which are still S$89. The SA explained that the price difference is due to the eyeshadows of being higher quality than normal, but my guess is that it's basically for the lace effect.

The GWP for $250 purchase is a yellow pouch with a Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Foaming Cleansing Milk 50ml, Multi-Perfection Concentrate 10ml, High Definition Serum Foundation 020 10ml, Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment 5ml and J'Adore perfume miniature 5ml. The SA also gave me a Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet perfume sample, Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum 1ml and Nude liquid foundation 020 3ml.

Cinq Couleurs Edition Dentelle #059 Pearl Glow is the more shimmery and pigmented of the two palettes. All the shades have a silky, almost wet velvety metallic feel that applies and blends like a dream.

Cinq Couleurs Edition Dentelle #743 Coquette has a more satiny, soft glow finish without being totally matte. The middle shade has some silver sparkles.

The top row shows #743 Coquette and the bottom shows #059 Pearl Glow.

The Poudrier Dentelle is quite expensive for what is basically a face highlighting powder but it comes in a heavy metal compact that feels and looks very luxurious and contains 12g of product. The effect is similar to what you would get with MAC By Candlelight MSF.


shopaholic said...

hi haru, happy 2010!

i saw the collection @ metro paragon today. they are indeed gorgeous! can't wait to see your EOTD using them!


Jenn said...

Love the eye shadow palettes! Can't wait to pick them up =)

I like the design of the face powder but will probably pass on it.

AhCapp said...

OMG! They are gorgeous! I love the lace mortif on the palettes! =)))

Is the highlighter/ blusher worth getting? I like the casing though.

Likewise for both the e/s quads.. .which one should I consider???

. : * justine * : . said...

This collection looks gorgeous, I am (sadly?) getting at least both quints, though I think I might pass on the powders, as lovely as they are... I think I'll be a bit too dark for them. A Touch of Blusher also mentioned new quints being added to the permanent line... did your counter have those as well?

Haru said...

hi AhCapp,

The highlighter does too little to justify the high price tag, in my opinion. The packaging and lace motif are indeed very lovely but when applied, Pink Lace basically looked like just any other highlighter powder on my cheeks. It adds just the barest hint of pink colour. I would say the eyeshadow quints are more worth the price tag. Of the two quints, I prefer the Iridescent one #59 Pearl Glow over Coquette as the shades have more of a shimmer and metallic gleam. Coquette is more of a neutral quint that is good for work.

Hi justine,
I'm liking Pearl Glow quite a lot, haven't tried out Coquette yet. As for the new quints, there are three being added to the permanent line-up in Japan in February, so I expect these should be available in other countries as well. You can see a small pic of one of them here.

Vonvon said...

Wow!!! They are really gorgeous! And I love the lace motif!

snow said...

Hihi :)
I like the GWP! But other Dior cosmetic counters does not seem to be giving away GWP at all? Can we only get it from Robinsons?

Haru said...

hi snow,

The $250 GWP minimum seems to be standard across the various Robinsons counters and often, the GWP is not advertised prominently. I haven't seen this particular GWP set at other counters aside from Robinsons but that could just be because they keep it behind the counter. So I always ask if there is a GWP before I purchase anything. If there is a GWP, the SAs are usually more than happy to show it to you.