Friday, 27 November 2009

Anna Sui Lip Rouge Revamp

Anna Sui is revamping their lipstick line on 7 January in Japan. 30 shades will be introduced in 4 textures:
Lip Rouge G - glossy moisturising shades
Lip Rouge D - glitter-infused shades
Lip Rouge V - vivid color
Lip Rouge T - pure translucent color

All the lipsticks are formulated with "soft smoothing wax" and a "moist clear oil base". The size is slightly larger than the current lipsticks. Price is 2940yen.

Pic from FAnet


Sheila said...

I'm happy to hear this! I love Anna Sui lippies and Japanese brand improvements always turn out well. The only problem I would have is with the packaging... Its so over the top! I prefer the current, simpler packaging... Nonetheless, I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

Anna sui lippies are great but the revamped packaging is getting uglier.. -June-

Anonymous said...

i like the texture of anna sui lippies but the ott packaging and strong rose scent just do not cut it for me. -stella