Monday, 9 November 2009

A Lush Present

I was working today when a colleague came into my office bearing a huge Lush box. Immediately I knew it was an early surprise birthday present from my boyfriend, who ordered it from the Lush USA website. He has had to put up with all my distracted clicking around the Lush UK and US websites, trying to figure out the most economical way of hauling those Christmas goodies. In the end, I'd always abandon the basket that I had filled up on the Lush UK website as shipping was just too expensive.

He ordered me the huge Christmas Eve hatbox which came with most of the new Christmas bath items. When I opened up the box, my office immediately filled with the distinctive Lush scent. The scent makes some people gag but to me, it's the scent of luxurious, decadent pampering. Nevertheless, to be kind to my colleagues, I opened my window to air my office out!

After reading about Snowcake for the past two years, I was determined to lay my hands on it this year. And now it's finally here! But I was immediately even more smitten with Snowshowers which has a very refreshing elderflower scent.

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar is even more vibrant in real life than it looks on the website.

This is the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. I'm going to have a hard time deciding to use this as I just love looking at its bright cheerful colors.

Satsumo Santa is another bath bomb that is just too cute to use. Mine arrived without much of a face but love him anyway!

These are the Bathbombs in Jingle Spells, Snow White, Mr Butterball, Cinders and Lil Lush Pud.

The Double Fast Luck Emotibomb arrived a bit shattered but I tried to scoop up all the broken bits as best as I can and popped everything into a ziplock for ease of storage.

Sexy Boy Massage Bar and Star Bath Melt

As you can see, I am one very delighted Lushie!


Furry Guy! said...

That's sooooo coooool!!!

evie said...

ooh!! so nice!!!..ahh why singapore no lush!!!

izumi said...

awww!! how sweet of him :DD

Autumn Masquerade said...

What a lovely present!

Anonymous said...

I got my early X'mas present from a friend living in the States too. It was Young Punk eyeshadow from MAC.

I went over to The Body Shop to take a look last weekend. They are having 20% off for members for all new arrival items. I try out some of the testers. Sadly, the scents does not impress me at all. I think I'll wait for their post X'mas sales if I want to get something.

kuri♥ayu said...

Wow that's a huge set! I want to try Lush also but I don't know what to get lol

Taryn said...

Nice haul! I'm interested to hear what you think of that Snowcake soap. After reading the raves, I bought it and found it had barely any scent at all. I was so disappointed and wondered if I got a bad batch, but I smelled something else with the fragrance and that was barely noticeable too.

*scratches head*

j0s1e267 said...

Your bf is such a sweetie!!! I received Lush news a few days ago and can't wait to head to the store to check out the Xmas collection! Enjoy your haul and drop me a note if you want more ;)

Haru said...

Hey Michelle,
Thanks for the kind offer! I have a huge Lush stash now which will take me quite a long time to use up. I was very happy with the present as I've been eyeing the whole Lush holiday collection for several weeks now.

Hey taryn,
I haven't sniffed my Snowcake yet, it was wrapped in some plastic. As it was in the hatbox with so many other products, some of which broke and produced lots of loose bits, I think my Snowcake may smell of the other items in the box.

Hey kuri,
for a first-timer, I would recommend Angels on Bare Skin (face cleanser/mild scrub), Honey I Washed the Kids (soap), You Snap the Whip (blackcurrant-scented body butter/scrub, Snowshowers Jelly.

makeupmag said...

You deserve to be spoilt! <3

Deborah Lee said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your Lushness.

stellarvixen said...

your bf is incredibly cute & AWESOME!
oh my my i am salivating at those lush Christmas collections bombs awaay!
hehe recently i have been onto lush madness too..i hav 2 posts about them! Angels on Bareskin yum! solid shampoo & body lotion...hehe

do review yours!

shopaholic said...

Oh, so so sweet of him :)
Happy for you :)