Monday, 23 November 2009

Spring 2010 Collections

Here's a sneak peek at some of the upcoming spring collections from the new issue of Voce. The release dates listed are for Japan and it looks like many brands will be launching in mid-January. The drugstore brands like Esprique Precious and Coffret D'Or will launch earlier in December.

Shu Uemura Eye Shimmer Duo Starry Violet (3990yen, 15 Jan) which consists of a gel-based shade and a loose powder shade. Three pressed eyeshadows and Lunasol Nature Color Eyes #5.

Visee Glam Nude Eyes N3 (1890yen, 16 Jan).
Est Emotional Multiple Eyes #9 (5775yen, 2 Jan).
Armani Nude Contrast Palette #2 (7560yen, 15 Jan).
Paul & Joe Select Eye Colors and Eye Color Palette (5 Feb).

Dior Poudre Dentelle and Cinq Couleurs Iridescent #59 (8 Jan).

Ad visuals for Lancome, Lunasol and Magie Decorte.

Ad visuals for Guerlain (15 Jan) and Est. The loose blush powder is from Coffret D'Or.

Givenchy Printed Lip (15 Jan)

The four looks for Esprique Precious' new Symphonic Fit Eyes palettes (1 Dec)


Kathi said...

I like the pink/black and aqua palettes from Esprique! They look great! =D

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,
I was pleasantly surprised by this collection too as the shades looks more bright and interesting than the usual gradational stuff. Yumeko also posted a pic of the catalog, do check it out!

Unknown said...

I didn't know Asian magazines churn out Spring collections that fast... I should pay more attention to Asian magazines now! ^.^

Sapphire said...

Thank you for these previews!

Pinky said...

Hi Haru
Ok sure looking forward to your next work trip photo, keep it coming ya :) you took really beautiful pictures.

Haru Jie, thanks for your catalogue here too. would like to seek your opinion on seems a lot of youtube makeup guru like to use this palette for its highly affordable price of $20 USD + for 88 good to be true? but i am not sure how good are they are? wonder if you own any of CS palette and if not, what is actually stopping you? is it not pigmented enough or u heard not so good review?

thanks! would like to ask your advice to see worth buying.

Haru said...

Hi Pinky,

I think the best and most detailed review of the Coastal Scent 88-palette is by Jojoba so do check out her blog.

Personally, I would never buy one of these palettes. The amount of product is just overwhelming and the size of the palette is just too big for my liking. The Tarte holiday palettes are hefty as well (check out my posts on Tarte Treasure Chest) but they are easier to manage than a palette with 88 shades. The Coastal Scents palettes may be cheap but the reviews are very mixed. Some people like them, some people think they are lousy. They are made in China, which explains the low price. Tarte also makes its palettes in China but I have more faith in Tarte as I have been using their products for a long time.

Pinky said...

Hi Haru,
Thanks for the review and the links you sourced for me. Yeah, I also saw mixed reviews to 88 palette and hence in a fix. I think comparing 88 to Tarte, the latter also wins more heart. I love Tarte treasure chest too and is using it since you recommended in your blog!