Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Anna Sui Vanity Case

I picked up the Anna Sui Vanity Case (S$46) today from the Isetan Orchard counter. This is out now at all Anna Sui counters together with the nail polish kits but currently, only the Takashimaya counter has the hand mirror palettes.

The vanity case costs 2625yen (S$41.10) in Japan where it has sold very well (perhaps due to the brand's popularity with the Gothic Lolita crowd!). It is made of metal and includes a thin plastic tray inside. It is made in Japan. (Anna Sui cosmetics is manufactured by a Japanese company, Albion.) Measuring 23x11x14cm, it feels very well made on the whole. The handles are quite sturdy. Only the plastic tray feels a bit flimsy.

I actually like Anna Sui's accessories, like the beauty trays, brush holders etc, more than the makeup line because of the romantic vintage feel.


miss_waterlily said...

I was lemming it for a while but then thought it looked like a biscuit tin:-$ How big is it, compared to the p j box?

Haru said...

It's about twice the size of the Paul & Joe box.

Anonymous said...

I never like metal cases. So it's alright for me that they are sold out in Singapore

Dennipep said...

I love that! I wish we have it in Australia