Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Paul & Joe Wild Flowers has also reported on the Paul & Joe "Wild Flowers" collection to be released in Japan on 8 January which include three Gloss Lacquers CS (3465yen) and three Face & Eye Colors CS (2730yen).

The new line of Select Eye Color (25 shades, 1890yen each with the 3-pan case at 1260yen) are available in three finishes: Pearly, Shiny and Matte. These will be released on 5 February together with a new Creamy Cheek Powder (5 shades, 2940yen) and 5 new shades of Nail Enamel (1680yen). The Creamy Cheek Powder are made in the same method as the Creamy Powder Compact Foundation: the cream base is first cooled to a solid and then pressed so that the blush has a light, non-greasy texture and is more moisturising than a normal powder blush. These are meant to be applied before foundation for that glow-from-within effect.

For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, CS stands for Collection Sparkles, the term for the limited edition face and lip colors that come in packaging featuring limited edition prints from Paul & Joe's clothing line. These are usually released twice a year. Back in March 2003, Paul & Joe Japan re-released these two sets of the very first 20 Collection Sparkles introduced since the makeup line's inception in 2002. You can view the whole Collection Sparkles archive on the official Paul & Joe website.


parsi said...

I love your blog. You always have the best scoop on upcoming collections. I was wondering if the Paul and Joe collection of the 20 original limited editions face powders and lipsticks are still available. I only became familiar with Paul and Joe within the last couple of years and would love to be able to get the earlier limited edition pieces which I missed out on.

Haru said...

hi parsi,
Thanks for your comment! The 20 original Collection Sparkles sets are long gone. Most of them were first produced between 2002 to 2004, and then specially reproduced as part of the set in 2005. I remember trying to help a friend order the sets when I was living in Tokyo at that time only to be told by the counter that they were fully reserved. Anyway, given the number of years that has passed since then, these products would be way past their useable shelf lives.

Sabrina said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for posting info about this even if it's sold out. I love looking at past collections and your link really helped me!

Love your blog as always :)

Haru said...

Hi Lina,
You're more than welcome! I love this brand and sharing my love of it with others. I've been greatly enjoying reading all your detailed collection posts on P&J too :-)