Sunday, 8 November 2009

Majolica Majorca Spring 2010

Majolica Majorca will launch its Spring 2010 collection on 21 January in Japan. The collection includes:

1. Lash Bone Black Fibre In: mascara primer with black fibres (1260yen)

2. Jewelling Eyes: 2 palettes (1575yen)

3. Skin Remaker Pore Cover: Foundation designed to conceal pores (4 shahdes, 1890yen)

4. Skin Remaker Case 2010 (735yen): limited edition foundation case

5. Skin Lingerie Pore Cover: foundation primer designed to cover up redness and pores (1050yen)

I believe this is the first time that Majolica Majorca is revamping their powder foundation and primer since the brand's inception.

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B377Y said...

Thanks for the info! I am sooo excited about the new Skin Remaker and LE case. I'm sure it'll be super cute xD